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  • Jeff Desom: Rear Window Loop
    video-installation, 21. 5. - 14. 6. 2013, Plusminusnula gallery

    Three-channel video installation Rear Window Loop of Jeff Desom, artist from Luxembourg, is a remix of a famous Alfred Hitchcock’s movie Rear Window. This movie, which was shot from a single perspective, Jeff Desom cut and pieced to one panoramic moving image, where all the events in the movie are happening parallel. For this installation [...]

  • Boris Sirka: Some Time Ago
    exhibition, 18. 4. - 18. 5. 2013
    ±0,0 gallery

    Suggested paintings by Boris Sirka (1981) are set in the dark places of human consciousness and the subconscious, frightening issues of death and the afterlife and ghost world “through the looking glass.” Exhibition Some Time Ago in the gallery Plusmínusnula will consist of works created over the last year.
    Also at the opening he will present [...]

  • Tomáš Moravec: Prospekt
    exhibition 15. 3. - 12. 4. 2013, Plusmínusnula gallery

    The exhibition Prospekt of young Czech artist Tomáš Moravec will continue in a line of his works, which are radically transforming the given spaces. The compact space of Plusmínusnula gallery, seen from one point through the glass wall from the street will change its properties. The exhibition will work with visuality of the purified white [...]

  • Peter Pisár: After End of the World
    exhibition 28. 12. 2012 - 25. 1. 2013, Plusmínusnula gallery

    The last author we will present in 2012 in ± 0,0 Gallery will be Peter Pisár. The exhibition titled After End of the World will introduce selection of his artworks made from 1992 up to now - photographs, video, objects, and texts using postconceptual language.
    Peter Pisár (1962), graduate of Academy of Fine Arts and Design, [...]

  • Katarína Hrušková, Lucia Sceranková: Tempered Glass
    exhibition 13. 9. - 19. 10. 2012, Plusminusnula gallery

    Stories at the border of credibility. Reality, its image and image of image. Sceranková and Hrušková are, in their joint exhibition, interested in myths, fairytales and other, socially present mythologies. They take the strategies from it, built own space, create own strategies. Fascinated by illusion, beauty and more worlds.
    They are attracted by archetypal symbols, which [...]

  • Richard Loskot: Other view
    exhibition, Plusmínusnula gallery
    August 10 - September 12, 2012

    After a short installation in New synagogue during Fest Anča festival, young czech artist Richard Loskot will be introduced in Žilina again. This time, it is his own monographic exhibition called “Second view”. He will make a special “site-specific” installation for Plusmínusnula gallery, which main theme will be undisclosing an “objective” reality through different approaches.
    Richard [...]

  • 4.813 votes for S3! We will get the grant. Thank you!

    Thanks to all your votes, we succeeded to get support from SPP Foundation - more than 4.813 votes placed our S3 on the second position from 240 projects competing for grant. See the photoreport bellow how we finally fighted for every vote in the city centre. Together with donation of Snadík family and 2% of [...]

  • Christiana Caro (Usa): There, there.
    exhibition, April 20 - May 25, 2012, Plusmínusnula gallery

    Christiana Caro is American photographer, recently on Fulbright Research Fellowship in Slovakia. Here she has created a photography cycle with the topic of Great Rye Island on Danube river, inspired by a book from 1989 found in a local museum. Christiana has researched the Island and its banks with scientific particularity and passion. She has [...]

  • Nenad Branković: „Then“ is the New „Now“
    exhibition February 10 - 29, 2012, Plusmínusnula gallery

    After a short break the gallery Plusmínusnula located in centre of Žilina is reopened. It’s been started by artist Ján Gašparovič, together with architects Dušan and Lenka Voštenák. Stanica is co-working on the exhibition Schedule, as well as other activities of the gallery, so Plusmínusnula is becoming a haven for our visual arts interests, until [...]

  • Mária Čorejová: Mind Games
    May 4 - 31, 2011

    Curator: Juraj Čarný
    Mária Čorejová participated in the finale of international competition for artists in the fields of painting and drawing Strabag Artaward International. Although she was not awarded, she managed to complete an extensive series of drawings called Mind Games. After Vienna and Bratislava, they will be shown in Stanica.
    Mária Čorejová (1975) is a graduate [...]

  • Opening hours of Stanica during Christmas

    Friday 24. 12. 2010 - closed
    Saturday 25. 12. 2010 - closed
    Sunday 26. 12. 2010 - closed
    Monday 27. 12. 2010 - open 12.00 - 20.00
    Tuesday 28. 12. 2010 - open 12.00 - 20.00
    Wednesday 29. 12. 2010 - open 12.00 - 20.00
    Thursday 30. 12. 2010 - open 12.00 - 20.00
    Friday 31. 12. 2010 - closed
    Saturday 1. [...]

  • Photo & video: Streetart Summit 7

    Streetartists are disappearing from the streets during the winter. Once a year, we let them spend some time in Stanica - at our gallery. They can paint there. They are not cold, they can drink kofola in the bar and we have nice exhibition. Everybody is happy. That is how it should be.
    - - [...]

  • Photo: Closer to gallery

    We were happy to host participants of the cycle of workshops called Closer to Gallery - dedicated to the people working in the field of gallery pedagogic. We shared our knowledge and experience how we educate children through art about art and we got some precious feedback and new points of view on this specific [...]

  • Space Z(i)lin(a)

    Daniela Baráčková (Cz) painted our theatre space S2 on the wall of Považská Gallery of Art in Žilina. Czech artist reacted in this way on the theme of artistic intervention in the public space. On this exhibition of Czech and Slovak artists working in the public space you can find also other works, mostly documented [...]

  • Stanica open on weekends during summer

    All this summer, our bar and gallery are open also on weekends. So you are welcome to have a drink or see actual exhibition, all the Saturdays and Sundays or public holidays, we are open from 9.30am until 8pm and maybe longer…

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