Mária Čorejová: Mind Games
May 4 - 31, 2011

mind_games_pozvankaCurator: Juraj Čarný

Mária Čorejová participated in the finale of international competition for artists in the fields of painting and drawing Strabag Artaward International. Although she was not awarded, she managed to complete an extensive series of drawings called Mind Games. After Vienna and Bratislava, they will be shown in Stanica.

Mária Čorejová (1975) is a graduate of prof. Daniel Fischer `s painting school at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design inBratislava. Until now she has been known especially as a painter, a video artist and a diligent cultural organizer (burundi, 13m3).

As a painter we could name Mária Čorejová a portraitist. Obviously not in a classic sense. She has for example portrayeda buter, cars parking in front of block of flats, ring-shaped cake, sofa, beddings, but also a thick sauce with a fried egg. Herartistic direction has been characteristic of aestheticization of the banal, exploration of the ordinary almost naturally common place. She has not pointed only to the aesthetic dimensions of depicted objects but searched for their deeper inner essence.

The drawings of Mária Čorejová can in a certain sense be characterized as intimate. They testify about something we do no tknow exactly, what we do not understand but what refers to the personal world of Mária Čorejová. The titles suggest their meanings but do not direct us. The clue to read the motifs from sport, aviation, architecture, religion is here but it is only the author who has the only correct one. Perhaps it is the intention to state for the viewer the question whether the author himself is able to interpret all the meaning sused in his/her work. Is a massive tube eating the cathedral or the Church? Or is the cathedral created by a tube? Is everywhere present liquid blood or a symbol of pain or is it a life-giving liquid? Do sportsmen represent a systematic self-destructive agonizing activity or are they good guardian angels? Do amputated armchairs, beds, pillows, books stand for a pain inrelationships, human estrangement and long-term misunderstanding or is it something completely else?

It is possible to analyse, interpret, search for, wander through the drawings of Mária Čorejová, but never to understand them fully. You have to communicate with the drawings of Mária Čorejová - personally and intimately – thus dynamising and shaping their own, stilldeveloping story.

Organized in cooperation with SPACE Gallery.

Exhibition lasts until Tuesday, May 31st, 2011, gallery open daily from 12.00 to 8pm.


Free entry.

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