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  • Farewell Vegan sunday
    Sunday 26. August 2012, 5pm

    Popular gastro-event held by Nataša Prelog from Slovenia for the last time. Nataša, after a year-long voluntary exchange at Stanica is returning home. This time, we´ll experiment with food on all kinds of vegan ways. Your recipes of all kinds are welcome!
    The event is being organized by Nataša Prelog (Slo), currently working as a volunteer [...]

  • Mathilde Rossignol (Fr): Dream microcosmos
    exhibition opening, barbecue, concert
    Friday 17. August 2012, 5pm

    Exibition opening featuring works by Mathilde Rossignol (Fr), garden barbecue and evening concert by jazz band The 3 Monkeys from Žilina. Mathilde had spent a year at Stanica, as a volunteer of the European Voluntary Service program and aside from her work at Stanica, she did a lot of oil painting during her free time.
    Mathilde: [...]

  • Slovenian-slovak photoreport

    Photo: Natália Zajačiková

  • Srečna Mladina (Slo), Chiki liki tu-a (Sk)
    concert / EVS volunteer project
    Friday 13. July 2012, 8pm

    On Friday the 13th we are inviting you to come on Slovenian Slovak Night, which is organized from our EVS volunteers. In Stanica are with us already from September Niki in Nataša from Slovenia, who are doing volunteer job, and now in the ending of their one year project, they are organizing intercultural event with [...]

  • Vegan sunday during Weekend of open gardens
    Sunday 10. June 2012, 5pm

    We invite everyone to spent a nice afternoon in the park, with the food. As Nataša Prelog, our Slovenian volunteer and vegan sundays´ organizer writes: „Tieš u june vas pozivame na oblubeni veganski piknik, ktori bude bit ešte raz v parku.” We declare a competition of best vegan goulash making, which is this Sunday going [...]

  • Get out to Europe!
    information seminar
    30. May 2012, 5pm

    Are you between the age of 18 and 30? Are you willing to experience life abroad for one year? Do you want to volunteer in an interesting organization working in culture or other fields, and want to acquire new skills? And to get money for that for European Union?
    Within the information seminar, yoúll get info [...]

  • Vegan picnic: photo and recipes

    You can find recipes from Grilled Vegan Sunday here,
    from Traditional Vegan Sunday here
    and from Sweet Vegan Sunday here.
    And here you can find video report.

    Photo: Natália Zajačiková

  • Vegan Sunday
    lecture, tasting
    Sunday 6. May 2012, 5pm

    A barbecue in the park, where non-meat specialities will be grilled, tasty souses will be made and salades or fresh summer lemonades prepared. You can share your own vegan receipts with us again, as it was in the past vegan events. Bring whatever suitable for the picnic from your home cuisine. Come spent a pleasant [...]

  • MaTinée: free game night & farewell party
    music afternoon
    Sunday 29. April 2012, 3pm

    Unfortunately there won´t be any brass instruments playing at this sunday´s MaTinée, but I nevertheless like to ask you round to Stanica for my farewell party.
    At 3 pm we start with a football match in the park at Stanica
    From 5 pm you can as the case may be show your musical or culinary talent. Play [...]

  • Vegan Sunday
    lecture, tasting
    Sunday 15 April 2012, 5pm

    Another Sunday afternoon dedicated to food. This time, we´ll cook and taste traditional delicacies from Slovak and Middle-european cuisine in the vegan way. The ways, vegans celebrate Easter will also be discussed, and what cannot be missing on the table. We will again appreciate, if you share your thoughts and receipts with us, and we´ll [...]

  • Weekend photos: Pecha Kucha, cleaning, workshop, Mr. Carrot, MaTinée

    Pecha Kucha Night Žilina – Volume 18

    Spring cleaning

    Laurent Schneegans (Fr): Space and Color (workshop / School of the Light Design)

    Mr. Carrot: Bugger Animals (scenical reading for children)

    MaTinée - afternoon with music
    Photo: Natália Zajačiková

  • MaTinée
    afternoon with music
    Sunday, March 25th 2012, 16.00

    On the occasion of the third musical afternoon within our cycle MaTinée we ask you again in our Café at Stanica – this time we are going to make up notes from air. Flute, klarinet, oboe, basson and saxophone from the group of woodwind instruments are going to enter the stage. We`ll hear their sound [...]

  • Photo and recipes: Vegan Sunday

    Once a month, Sunday will be devoted to veganism. Yesterday´s topic was vegan desserts and sweets. The bar was full of people, the table was loaded with a wide variety of cakes and desserts. There was also a short presentation on veganism with Jakub Slovák. All thanks to wonderful organizational skills of Natasa Prelog, our [...]

  • Vegan Sunday
    lecture, tasting
    Sunday 11 March 2012, 5pm

    First of forthcoming vegan Sundays in Stanica. We will not only talk about food, but also taste it. Vegan desserts and sweets will be the topic for this afternoon. A short presentation of veganism with Jakub Slovák will be included. We aim to introduce the vegan lifestyle to wider audience and confront all kinds of [...]

  • MaTinée
    music afternoon
    Sunday 19 February 2012, 4pm

    Second Sunday music afternoon of new MaTinée cycle in Stanica bar will be dedicated to the string instruments. We will listen to the members of the largest group of orchestra instruments – violin, viola, violoncello and contrabass. We will understand what a bow has in common with the music, what is slick-slip-effect and how does [...]

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