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  • Photo: Milan Loviška: My Art: Who´s Frank?

    photo by fjk

  • Mariana Durcekova, Jan Luteran: project.wedding

    Theatre performance, opening night on June 13-14, 2009, Stanica Žilina-Záriečie

    “You know what is funny, that when you say wedding, so what is, so what is wedding?“ J.K.
    Authors’ theatre performance reflecting the nowadays views on the marriage ritual. The link during the whole performance is the record of discussion of the young theatre makers after participation to [...]

  • Tomáš Krivošík: Melting into Reality

    Melted stories of people oscillating between partial exile - not fitting in reality and melting, merging into it. Individualism as a new form of narcissism.

    Choreography and interpretation: Tomáš Krivošík, Veronika Kulíšková
    Music: Juraj Haško
    Light design: Katarína Ďuricová a Tomáš Morávek
    Premiere: December 7, 2008, cultural centre Stanica Žilina-Záriečie
    Production: Stanica Žilina – Záriečie
    Production is supported by Ministry [...]

  • Jaro Vinarsky: Butticula : Figures of a Fool

    Contemporary dance performance, opening night December 7, 2008 in Stanica
    First solo part of a trilogy Buticcula inspired by theme „Fool (Jester, Trickster) and a King, Madness and a Power, Expressed and Bottled up.”
    The fool is confined. Unsatisfied and determined not to resign to his situation, he is reviving in his strange „prison”. The way out [...]

  • István Csákány (HU): Monument for Monument (permanent sculpture project)

    August 22, 2008
    Rondel, one of Zilina´s largest roundabouts on pillars has been built in the 80s under socialist government. At the same time they have built huge street lights along this roundabout and connected streets. The roundabout is still in use and directing traffic into and out of the city. But the huge street lights [...]

  • Tomášik, Gottfarb, Herdieckerhoff (SK, SE, DE): Baga-Basta

    contemporary dance performance
    Dance creation of Milan Tomasik, dancer Alexander Gottfarb and musician Nikolaus Herdieckerhoff in co-production with PTL Ljubljana, CCL Linz and Stanica Zilina-Zariecie. Baga-Basta je dance, musical and visual world where communication has many various forms.
    “Lights are gonna blind me shining like the sun, smiling having fun, feeling like a number one. Beams are [...]

  • István Csákany (Hu): Provincia Models
    projekt 28. 5. - 20. 7. 2008

    Site-specific exhibition-installation by Hungarian artist, Visegrad Artist in Residency Program (Stanica_LAB)

    Life in the province that needs its heros, its kitch and its feeling of (small)city. Exhibition opening of the artist that cooked for us last summer and was resident-artist thanks to Visegrad stipend.
    “Where is Provincia, where does it starts? Is the countryside Provincia? Is it [...]

  • Eduard Kudláč: Feed the Snake on Your Chest - Part II: Reality Report

    (intellectual concept/sketch)
    Topography of a country of people, who went out of the map.
    With the fact that we cancel the money on the earth, we TAKE pseudocreators and lizards their MAIN DOMINATION TOOL - a program, through which they ENSLAVE, MANIPULATE and SUCK AT / ASPIRE ENERGY of terrian humanity (fear and other negativ emotions, superflu [...]

  • The Long-The Large-The Sharpeyed

    Theatro Štvorkolka (SK)
    Tomas Hudcovic & Hana Hudcovicova Luksu
    puppet theatre for children

    The classical fairy tail performance using marionettes is telling a story about a prince who is going to free a princess from a bad magicman jail.
    The performance is for children 3 years old and more, but mothers, fathers and grandparents use to appreciate it as [...]

  • Eduard Kudláč: Feed the Snake on Your Chest - Part I: Stamina Report

    sentimental concept/sketch
    Feed the Snake on Your Chest is sentimental concept for three actors, according to author representation, realised with real notes, press conferences, blogs, daily notes, research articles and subjective shouts. Stamina report is the first part of the new trilogy by the director Eduard Kudlac. In this project, the author together with the actors created [...]

  • Nicoleta Esinencu (RO & Eduard Kudláč (SK): Fuck You Eu.Ro.Pa!/ Zuckerfrei

    theatre performance
    Project Fuck You, Eu.Ro.Pa!/ Zuckerfrei is the concept of one topic and inscenation of two texts written by the young Romanian author Nicoleta Esinencu (1978).
    Personal story, family failures, orgasm, totalitary regim, family, communist bimbos. Icons, which locked the life of several former generations and icons that sell us the feeling of freedom now.
    Performance produced [...]

  • Jaro Viňarský & Lucia Kašiarová (SK): Hearts Like Wounded Birds

    contemporary dance performance
    A fragmentary story in movement set in space perspective deformed by light.
    The first thing to be said about this performance is that it follows an idea (began in the performance The Last Step Before) that attempts to connect the light design with the movement and dance inside a theatre space. The lights and [...]

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