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  • New cultural railway stations

    Cultural centres Manifatture Knos (Italy) and Stanica (Slovakia) co-operate to promote the potential of non-governmental organizations to transform abandoned spaces into the socio-cultural centres. Both believe that independent organizations can revitalize and run such spaces for the benefit of the local communities. The co-operation is the result of the Trans Europe Halles project Engine Room [...]

  • Kunstbus Žilina - Vienna
    Sunday 9. 12. 2012

    Bus trip to contemporary art of Vienna. The first one in a series of trips which will shorten our waiting for Kunsthalle.

    Pack a snack and come with us to an unusual visit of Vienna. We are going to see exhibition of Lis Deschenes (USA) a Yael Bartana (Izrael) v galérii Secession. We will visit also [...]

  • EVS: Gazelles with shadows are far from paradise

    So, have you read Alamut from Vladimir Bartol? It is not really important, whether you did or not. I was just remembering the false paradise, performing inside of the story: heavens with tender maidens, juicy trees and big wet eyes of friendly tigers and peacful gazelles. Young boys were transported there after eating balls of hashish, [...]

  • Just another sport wall and another experiment

    In the beginning of the summer 2012, Tomáš Rafa got an official permition for painting the walls in three towns and villages in eastern Slovakia. The first one was a protective wall in Sečovce, the second one was segregation wall in Ostrovany, and the last one was a housing unit in the city district of [...]

  • Video Report: Niki Žveglič (part 3/3)

    When I came to Stanica, I actually didn’t know what exactly I will do there. I knew they have lot of work and that I will help with everything around. After a while I saw that they have really good system with photography on the events. They didn’t just take photos from events like archiving, [...]

  • Call for stories from Trans Europe Halles centers

    TEH (Design) Book
    It will be a collection of personal experiences, observations, opinions,
    positions on Trans Europe Halles cultural centers. It will be a list of examples, situations, stories and rumors collected in the years 2011-2013. Objective data will be also present in form of schemes, plans, diagrams as a support for the subjective presumptions.
    The content [...]

  • Video Report: Niki Žveglič (part 2/3)

    Hi again, in the second part I will tell you how I came familiar with this job - video editing. When I was younger I actually was never on the computer, the technology was not in my life. I didn’t have the mobile phone, I didn’t watch TV, I was out all the time with [...]

  • Video Report: Niki Žveglič (part 1/3)

    Ok, I have decided to put all my videos to one place and introduce them to the public. Of course I hope that you already seen my videos, at least some of them. There will be three “Video reports” and in the first part, I will introduce the oldest videos.

    I am Niki Žveglič from Slovenia [...]

  • After Michalovce the Sports Wall of Tomáš Rafa also in Sečovce

    After Michalovce the artist and filmmaker Tomáš Rafa moved on with his Sports Wall project. This time, along with artists and volunteers undertook to change the look of the concrete wall, which ringfences elementary school for Roma children in Sečovce. While in Michalovce he stuck to the wall 96-meter billboard, in Sečovce he painted sports [...]

  • Casting for the movie Waiting Room

    We participated in the research and the development of materials for the theater performance of Viliam Docolomanský Waiting Room. His performance received several awards. Now the film is going to be created on the same subject, to which they are currently looking for a cast.
    Casting will take place on 10 - 13 9th 2012 in [...]

  • Report on Living Underground 2012

    Do you love inspiring people and their incredible and real stories? How to build a cultural center in order to become a legend? What mistakes to avoid? Are you interested in architecture? Are you in love with Trans Europe Halles networking? If you are positive about at least some of these questions then you should [...]

  • Slovenian-slovak photoreport

    Photo: Natália Zajačiková

  • (Slovensky) Po prvom detskom letnom sympóziu sa len tak zadymilo (katalóg instantnej výstavy)

  • 4.813 votes for S3! We will get the grant. Thank you!

    Thanks to all your votes, we succeeded to get support from SPP Foundation - more than 4.813 votes placed our S3 on the second position from 240 projects competing for grant. See the photoreport bellow how we finally fighted for every vote in the city centre. Together with donation of Snadík family and 2% of [...]

  • Big Fest Anča photoset including the winning film

    Photo: Natália Zajačiková
    Sleepincord / Snępowina
    Marta Pajek / Poland / 2011

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