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  • Spring holidays with Stanica
    holiday programme for pupils
    Wednesday - Friday, 19. - 21. 2. 2014

    Attention, so-called “spring” holidays are coming again during winter time - it means soon. And we are launching a news in our programme - 3-day workshop for pupils.

    What can you fit in three fully spent days during spring vacations? We can give pretty much - creative workshop, cinema, children corner and a train trip. It [...]

  • Subscribe to year 2013

    Still your hunger for culture and please yourself or your friends with a year-long pass to Stanica. It is especially important for regular visitors, because we do not want theair interest to culture to influence theair (family) budget.
    for the same price of € 50 (students € 30) you get almost 200 events - concerts, screenings, [...]

  • Photo: SkRAT: Delúzia – V zajatí nepokojnej mysle

    Photo: Natália Zajačiková

  • Václav Havel has never been to Stanica, why?

    R. I. P. When I got the news about his death yesterday, right here we had the 24-hours Satie’s Vexations, the project by Cluster Ensemble was named Silent Night. I have to admit - I was glad there wasn’t something else and we didn’t have to turn off the sound. Three lines for the [...]

  • THeatro Štvorkolka:
    Tall, Wide and Sharp-eye
    Theater fairytale for whole families
    Monday, December 19, 2011, 4.30pm

    Pre-Christmas fairytale for whole families, joint with excursion to theatre backstage. Visitors will be introduced to another forthcoming performance for children, full of animals, and everyone will be personally and generously invited to see it´s premiere which will happen soon. Hooray!
    In Slovak only.
    Voluntary admission.

  • Where the art starts…
    longterm programs for elementary schools

    We are running the project based on fine art and media education strategies focused primarily to the groups of children at elmentary school from 6 to 15 years, organized by school classes.
    The programs are divided into tematic and methodic categories and this way offer to teachers various possibilities of spending classes at Stanica and learning [...]

  • Come and see our animals and their enlightment

    On Wednesday 27th July at 18.00 we invite you to the closing event of the Summer Children Symposium. This year it was focused to the stage design mainly using light and shadows. The stage designers usually do not create the story of the performances, do not direct them and do not act in them - [...]

  • Short animation movies from our art school


  • The competition for the best “needlework title”

    Do you have a good idea for a sentence at a contemporary (this summer finished :-) needlework? We are waiting for them! The best idea author will win an original needlework made by Šramkove sisters.
    Comment here or write to ivana@stanica.sk, hanka@stanica.sk

  • Stanica postcards - 2010 edition

    Best of Stanica in 2010 has been traditionally published postcards. You can find there a choice of events (111th anniversary of the train line Žilina-Rajec and Critical mass in the city) or projects (new asphalt in the park under Rondel) that have moved us forward. Some of the photos from art events are worth to [...]

  • What is going to come in 2011?

    Some of the confirmed and planned events and projects that will take place in Stanica in 2011:
    Selection of the best documentaries from One World festival (January), Literature Night (May 11), Fest Anča - international animation film festival (July 1 - 3), KioSK - independent Slovak theatre and dance (July 28 - 30), Kinobus - research [...]

  • Write us what do you think and want …and win the Year Pass 2011.

    Tell us what has changed in Stanica to the better and as for the worse. What you see and like, what you would like to see. What do you like, what you makes you angry here. Why do you really come here as well as do you not come more often. Even though we do [...]

  • Thanks (2010)
    and Best Wishes (2011)

    Here comes the time of plenty so you can take. We wish you family gatherings, charity, gifts, food, needles, … We wish you a wonderful Christmas. The year has passed (ending just after Christmas, you know). For us in Stanica it was the seventh and twice happy - thanks to double capacity of Stanica due [...]

  • Year pass 2011 on sale now

    For only 50 € (30 € students, …) you can get more than 100 evenings in Stanica in the year 2011. This is worth to buy, not? In sale now in our bar and if you come and buy the pass, you will also get a t-shirt with our new design of Rondel roundabout by [...]

  • Divadlo Aréna / Rastislav Ballek:
    Tiso (monodráma)
    theatre, Friday, November 19, 2010, 7pm, S2

    The performance is sold out.
    Dr. Jozef Tiso was without a doubt the most tragic figure of Slovak history. A Christian and a Catholic priest who devoted his life to faith, ideals, service to the nation and later to Slovak statehood. In the name of these ideals he joined the Fascists, allowed 72,000 Jews to be [...]

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