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  • Lenka Dusilová & Baromantika
    Longital & Marián Slávka
    Thursday 19th February 2015, 8 pm
    sold out

    Lenka Dusilová and the band Baromantika released a new album in the end of 2014. They will present it at double concert with Longital. They are for a long time in harmony both musically and personally.
    New album of Lenka Dusilová „In the Hour of Death” with a fantastic 5-members band Baromantika is hold together by [...]

  • Longital – Music Acoustics Tour
    Friday 19. 4. 2013, 8 pm

    Bratislava music duo Shina and Daniel Salontay in their music project Longital are mainly focussed now on non-traditional songs and electronics. This concert program Music Acoustic Tour 2013 is a new acoustic program.
    Longital creates pulsing energetic music full of dynamic twists. Song’s texts intervene in the deepest places of the human soul and tell about [...]

  • Longital, Zapaska (Ua)
    concert / Kofola Sessions
    Wednesday, October 26, 2011, 8pm

    Coincidence doesn’t happen. Two duos Longital, and Zapaska met doing joint show in Prague and liked each other. Now, they are touring Slovakia and Czech republic together in “2×2 tour”. Youll see, that two on the stage is a full number.
    Longital is full of contrast, and still personifies harmony. Shina and Daniel Salontay make music [...]

  • Longital, Dj Peal
    piatok 13. 11. 2009, 20.00

    Concert / Kofola Sessions (Stanica_CLUB)
    Longital are three sound travellers: Shina (vocals, bassguitar), Daniel Salontay (vocals, guitar, strings) and virtual electronic team-player Xi Di Nim (laptop, Lemur Jaz Mutant, organic electronic music, surrounding sounds, loops, samples). Longital in concert is a fascinating dose of energy, musical sounds, words and images. Electronic songwriting as if with eyes half-closed: [...]

  • Photo: Longital

    photo by fjk

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