Longital, Dj Peal
piatok 13. 11. 2009, 20.00

Concert / Kofola Sessions (Stanica_CLUB)

Longital are three sound travellers: Shina (vocals, bassguitar), Daniel Salontay (vocals, guitar, strings) and virtual electronic team-player Xi Di Nim (laptop, Lemur Jaz Mutant, organic electronic music, surrounding sounds, loops, samples). Longital in concert is a fascinating dose of energy, musical sounds, words and images. Electronic songwriting as if with eyes half-closed: not yet dreaming nor being awake. In the least two years, they put out studio albums “Výprava” (“Expedition”), “Gloria” and their remix album “Revoyaged” in their own label Slnko records. Peal is a DJ, organizator, and lately, producer, whose more “listening than dancing” set can be heard before and after the concert.


www.longital.sk, www.myspace.com/djpeal, www.last.fm/event/1178117, www.kofola.sk

Admission: 3,50 / 2,00 € (105,44 / 60,25 Sk)
Special price ticket for Friday and Saturday: 5,00 / 3,00 € (150,63 / 90,38 Sk)

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