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  • Engine Room Europe

    Thanks to a grant from the EC Culture Programme, the network Trans Europe Halles has been able to set up a three‐year programme (May 2011 – April 2014) of activities dedicated to independent cultural workers and their creative processes. Through Engine Room Europe, TEH is able to offer staff, volunteers and artists opportunities to take [...]

  • Memory Kontrol: Heroes and Still Victims
    exhibition 18. 11. 2010 - 9. 1. 2011

    Main part of the exhibition are taken by photographers Šymon Kliman and Jaroslav Žiak, both documenting recently soldiers and partisans who have fighted 65 years ago against fascism. There is graphic art and site-specific installation of Svätopluk Mikyta, documentation of the intervention of young designers on the monument of 1st Czechoslovak Army on Polom, [...]

  • Empty monument on Polom at the end of Living Underground 6 workshop

    An empty memorial board from dark granit stone was inaugurated on Saturday August 28, 2010 on Polom mountain close the existing monument of 1st Czechoslovak Army Troupe from the WW2nd. There are tools to use and create your own message or memory. The site-specific art work is result of the workshop of architects and graphic [...]

  • Living Underground 6 – Polom
    workshop, 22. - 29. 8. 2010

    workshop/symposium/ architecture-design (Stanica_FLUX)This year’s workshop of young architects and designers called Living Underground no. 6 took place at the cult monument Polom above Žilina, almost forgotten place with strong atmosphere. It is a historical monument, each year visited by some survivors remembering the end of Second World War led by a politician. They garland the memorial, and [...]

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