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  • Program for August (English version)

    1.08.-5.08.16, Monday-Friday
    Summer children symposium
    Week aimed at surveying urban and suburban wilderness, exploring differet kinds of natural materials suitable for kids architecture experiments. Nice time spending in a group of children, parents and friends of Stanica - full day excursions and games on our yard and in the garden, building “secret” houses, chases, [...]

  • Kinobus 2013
    (not only) film festival
    Friday - Sunday, 6. – 8. 9. 2013

    preliminary route: Ľubochňa – Lúčky – Likavka
    topic: The water
    As much as water has passed through the Ružínská dam from the last Kinobus, so much of it has run from the baths around Ružomberok in one month. The ninth year / the tenth continuation of the Kinobus with the topic of the water, is going for [...]

  • Erl King, Štós
    contemporary opera
    Saturday 8. 12. 2012, 7pm

    Kto cvála nocou temným lesom s pokladom v náručí? Čo sú to za sily útočiace na nevinnú dušu dieťaťa? Spoločenstvo nadšených hudobníkov z baníckeho kráľovského mesta uprostred lesov sa stretáva v krutom zápase s ponurým pseudoromantizmom. V ich odhodlaní im pomáha skupina nájomných profesionálov. Spolu odolávajú aj tým najúlisnejším nástrahám Kráľa duchov a jeho banditov.
    Greyness, [...]

  • Kinobus 2012
    (not only a) film festival
    Friday - Sunday, 31. August - 2. September 2012

    Theme: Losing - death of film, life in nostalgy
    Route: Prakovce – Mníšek nad Hnilcom – Margecany
    The last year of filmstrip, and the last year of classic one-hall cinemas, when characteristic scratches and buzz will disappear for good, and film as a light track will change into scheme of zeros and ones, will be greeted by [...]

  • Kinobus 2011: Western line
    (not only) film festival
    Friday – Sunday, September 2-4, 2011

    Itinerary: Žilina – Podskalie – Pružina – Lednické Rovne – Lednica
    Topic: Cinema
    The eight edition of festival, which is a bit uncommon and not only about film. This time we’ll be dealing with cinemas, projectors, projectionists and film distribution – the topic of an adventurous journey in September is CINEMA. For the first time, it will [...]

  • Blatnica on the screen
    Film festival
    Friday – Sunday, August 5-7, Blatnica

    Imagine a situation based on Hollywood cliché – a small town on the border of Veľká Fatra mountains, looking so sweet yet nothing extraordinary at first sight. However, it has a secret – 15 Slovak feature films, two foreign and lots of short films have been shot here. Apart from this, brothers Siakeľovci were born here, directors [...]

  • Photo: Kinobus / East: METAL

    East version of Kinobus, not only film festival, has returned back to its home region. Logistically challenging rural experience filled its participants with rural feeling that culture can be found not only in big cities.
    Broader report will come soon from the director of the festival. And preparations for “classic” Kinobus can start - now!

    photo: dusand
    Kinobus [...]

  • Kinobus 2011: Eastern leg
    (not only) film festival
    Friday – Sunday, June 17-19, 2011

    Eastern leg: Košice - U.S. Steel - Poproč - Lucia Baňa - Štós - Medzev
    Topic: METAL
    Thanks to invitation from the Slovak capital of culture, there will be two Kinobus festivals. A slightly nostalgic ride along some old, freshly brushed village cinemas operating anew. Four villages, three cinemas starting again.
    The seventh edition of festival, during which [...]

  • What is going to come in 2011?

    Some of the confirmed and planned events and projects that will take place in Stanica in 2011:
    Selection of the best documentaries from One World festival (January), Literature Night (May 11), Fest Anča - international animation film festival (July 1 - 3), KioSK - independent Slovak theatre and dance (July 28 - 30), Kinobus - research [...]

  • PHOTO: Kinobus 2010

    Kinobus on borders of year 2010 is gone and the photos from the festival are in front of our eyes. So let’s watch and remember nice days in cinemas, buses and gymnasiums. Thank goes to all the participants, bus drivers and us-organizers. Everybody survived and we can carry on organizing some other obscure things.
    - - [...]

  • Kinobus
    Friday – Sunday, 3. - 5. 9. 2010

    (not only) film festival (Stanica_CLUB)
    The same form, lovely new villages and old cinemas. Again. The sixth edition of this unique festival, during which spectators travel by buses and stop at old cinemas., will explore the topic of borders. There will not only be films on the borders, adrenaline experience and non-chemical experiments, but one [...]

  • Kinobus 2010 sold out

    Dear friends wishing still to participate on the Kinobus 2010 - all the festival places in the both buses leaving Žilina on September 3 are sold out. The only chance for you is now to travel on your own and visit us in one of the cinemas in one of the villages we will travel [...]

  • Video: Kinobus approaching

    Number of reservations for the sixth Kinobus is increasing, mileage taken during preparational trips as well, so the time has come for the trailer. Apart from this nano-documentary, you can find a program and short article about the this years topic at kinobus.sk.
    So, if you still have not booked your place on the first September [...]

  • Where we go this year with
    Kinobus - (not just) film festival

    Kinobus, as nostalgic ride re-discovering old cinema halls, projectionists, genius loci or smugglers, will head towards Slovak-Czech-Polish border area covering five villages in these three countries. Border is this year’s festival theme. We will explore what else is beyond the border of known than we can see. Note the date in your calendar: September 3 [...]

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