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  • Leguminous Vegan Sunday
    Sunday 9. 3. 2014, 5.00pm

    Winter season does not offer us variety of fruits and vegetables and that’s why the proper base of our vegan meals during these months can be sauerkraut, mushrooms, potatoes, cereals or leguminous plants. And exactly the latter will be the main theme of March vegan Sunday. It is relatively cheap, tasty and contains lot [...]

  • Sinful Vegan Sunday
    food tasting
    Sunday 2. 2. 2014, 5pm

    February Vegan Sunday could be entitled „Sinful”. Are you asking why? Because this time, we have decided to focus on FAST FOOD! Get ready for hamburgers, french fries, dressings and other fried and tasty meals which we secretly adore - but free of disgusting raw material which can be found at McDonalds, KFC and so [...]

  • Walnut Vegan Sunday
    Sunday 15. 12. 2013, 5pm

    Thanks to high volume of quality proteins, walnuts are often called the vegetarian meat. They are also rich in vitamins, minerals and they fill us with lot of energy. We eat walnuts mostly during winter time and they fit perfectly into cakes, candies, spreads, as well as main meals. Besides walnuts, you can enrich your [...]

  • Traditional Vegan Sunday
    food tasting
    Sunday 17. 11. 2013, 5pm

    November Vegan Sunday is labeled “Traditional”. We are going to try to focus on the recepies which we were used to from our grandmothers. Typical meals from our region are tasteful and not so difficult to prepare in vegan version - which makes them perfect choice for approaching “meatless” Sunday. Own creations from your own [...]

  • Raw Vegan Sunday
    Sunday 25. 8. 2013, 17.00

    August vegan Sunday will be “Raw”. So expect no cooking this time, but for sure, you will not leave hungry. Raw food is very rich in vitamins, because they are not lost during the cooking process. Many dips, sweeties, smoothies but also main courses can be made in this way. Also, it is easily digested, [...]

  • Fruit Vegan Sunday
    Sunday 21. 7. 2013, 17.00

    Who wouldn´t like fruit? This topic really suits the summer heats. Of course, there are lots of meals besides traditional salads to make (such as indian chutney) and there must be some cakes as well. This might be a little challenge for us, since main courses made of fruit are not very traditional for our [...]

  • Spring Vegan Sunday
    Sunday 16. 6. 2013, 17.00, Ekocentrum Lesopark

    The next vegan sunday is going to be a bit different, because it is going to take place in a brand new Ecological centre (Ekocentrum) in Lesopark behind “Palova Búda”. This time we decided to call it a spring one (which is maybe quite late, but we don´t care), so you can look forward to [...]

  • Carrot Vegan Sunday
    tasting, performance
    Sunday 19. 5. 2013, 17.00

    Do you suffer from blurred vision? Do you have problems with reading your favorite newspaper? Then don´t hesitate and come to the next Vegan Sunday feast and your problems are gone. Yes, this time we´re going to prepare dishes with crispy and juicy carrot as the main ingredient. It contains carotene, antioxidants and minerals beneficial [...]

  • Rice Vegan Sunday
    lecture, tasting
    Sunday 14. 4. 2013, 17.00

    Although rice comes from Asia, you would hardly find anyone who´s not familiar with it. It´s a great basis for many kinds of food traditionally cooked in our country, and of course also a basis for many vegan dishes. It´s healthy and easily digestible. Therefore it is an ideal part of a healthy diet. So [...]

  • Easter Vegan Sunday
    lecture, tasting
    Sunday 24. 3. 2013, 17.00

    Easter is coming, but we´re going to celebrate it in a different way again, so forget about frying schnitzels in the pan. Come and have a good time in March in the atmosphere of spring´s awakening. We´d be glad to see you again. As usual, you´re welcome to bring your food.
    The event is organized [...]

  • Chickpeas Vegan Sunday
    lecture, tasting
    Sunday 17. 2. 2013, 17.00

    The topic of the following Vegan Sunday is chickpeas. This ingredient is seldom used in our country, but it is a basic ingredient for many nutritious and tasty meals in Arabic countries and India. Of course you can look forward to tasting falafel, hummus and sure we´re going to try doing also something else. Of [...]

  • Potato Vegan Sunday
    lecture, tasting
    Sunday 13. 1. 2013, 5pm

    The topic of our January´s vegan sunday will be potatoes. Simply potatoes. Are you asking why? Because their use is so wide. Sweet, salty, mashed, boiled, baked or in the pastry, they taste great. They are also very cheap and your grandma has her cellar full of them. So visit our sunday and bring some [...]

  • Christmas Vegan Sunday
    lecture, tasting
    Sunday 16. 12. 2012, 5pm

    The December is coming and you all know what it means. Yes, Christmas. We know that for many people it´s the most pathetic time of the year. But unlike all the shopping malls, our goal is not to take away your money, but to spend some quality time together surrounded by great food. So please [...]

  • Spicy Vegan Sunday
    lecture, tasting
    Sunday 11. 11. 2012, 5pm

    The winter is slowly approaching, so we have to warm ourselves. The best option is to come for a Vegan Sunday and let your taste buds experience spisy meals from all around the world. Any vegan variations (goulash, chilli, kari, burritos) are warmly welcome.
    The event is organized by Nežka Struc (Slo), currently serving her volunteer [...]

  • Autumn Vegan Sunday
    mini feast
    Sunday 21. 10. 2012, 5pm

    Autumn Vegan Sunday will be our welcoming of the Autumn in full swing. This time, we have decided to focus mainly on seasonal fruits and vegetables because these goods are the cheapest and do not require importing from half-around the planet to us. You can set your mind on various delicious meals made of cabagge, [...]

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