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  • The Shining
    summer cinema
    Tuesday 25th August 2015, 8.30 pm

    The Shining is one of the most controversial pieces of Stanley Kubrick which was nominated for cinematic Rapsberry for the worst directing in the year of its creation. However Kubrick´s horror belongs to the best of its kind recently. An intimate story about an appearance of lunacy in the head of writer and hotel manager [...]

  • Mojše Band and Memorial Vrba-Wetzler
    concert, exhibition and discussion
    Tuesday 25th August 2015, 7 pm, Nová synagóga

    Concert of authentic band of Slovak cimbalom player Michal Paľko will be a welcoming for participants of 2nd Vrba-Wetzler Memorial, 130-kilometers long foot march made after the famous escape of a couple from concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau in April 1944. Couple did this escape to inform world about this death factory. Photo exhibition of Jindřich Buxbaum, [...]

  • Vložte kočku (CZ)
    open air concert
    Friday 21st August 2015, 8 pm

    Vložte kočku are four people who make music. Vložte kočku is a combination of live electronic music, drums, 5 strings violin, pianino and surreal lyrics. Their debut album TáTa from 2012 was nominated on Anděl award in cathegory „Electronic music“, their second album SEAT gained this award one year later. SEAT won also in cathegory [...]

  • Anasoft litera: Pavel Vilikovský, Peter Juščák
    Ľubo Burgr & Pjoni plays compositions of Ali Ibn Rachid
    authors reading and concert
    Wednesday 19th August 2015, 8 pm

    Authors reading is realized by Stanica and Anasoft litera prize. This time they prepared literature evening with Pavol Vilikovský and Peter Juščák. The moderator of the evening will be Zuzana Grochalová.
    Pavel Vilikovský is the first Slovak writer who gained the prize Anasoft litera twice. First time for collection of short stories Čarovný papagáj a iné gýče [...]

  • L’illusionniste
    summer cinema
    Tuesday 18th August 2015, 8.30 pm

    This animated movie was created according to an unrealised screenplay of french actor and director Jacques Tati from 1956. Tati dedicated this screenplay to his oldest daughter and he retells a story of an aging illusionist who pilgrims with his art from one village to another one. One day he meets a young admirer of [...]

  • Žilin Cin City
    kids summer symposium
    Monday - Friday, 17th - 21st August 2015

    Public space is a big and often mentioned topic but just rarely it is reflected by kids. The goal of the project Žilin Cin City is to bring kids near urban theories, near a research of the city where they live and according to material, which kids gain, prepare docufictive theatre performance which they will [...]

  • Clay Playground No. 4
    family workshop
    Sunday 16th August 2015, 4 - 6 pm

    Also in August we prepared family creative workshop called Clay Playground where you have a possibility to spend nice sunday afternoon working with clay and ceramics. You can form different figures, decorations or just play with clay the same way as if you are in playground. A new element is a pottery wheel which you [...]

  • Pecha Kucha Night Žilina - Volume 31, Open Air
    20 pictures x 20 seconds
    Friday 14th August 2015, 8.20 pm

    Summer Pecha Kucha will present a selection of artists, designers, architects and other interesting people and projects which we want to let you know about. This time again outside on big open air screen under the bridge.
    Adrián Peniak
    Ivan Cimrák
    Vojto Čech
    Lucia Dovičáková
    Linda van Dalen
    Šárka Nahodilová
    Forest ski
    Oto Hudec
    Nová Tabačka Kulturfabrik
    Michal Vavrik
    Monika Pascoe Mikyšková
    Henkai architekti
    Analog Freaks
    Vyhliadka na mestoZAhrada
    Admission: [...]

  • Les Amours Imaginaires
    summer cinema
    Tuesday 11th August 2015, 8.30 pm

    Francis and Marie are close friends. One day they meet Nicolas, a youngster from the countryside who just came to the city. One catastrophic meeting is following the other. Regardless if it happens in reality or just in the fantasy, no meeting is nice and Francis as well as Marie are obsessed by this guy. [...]

  • mestoZAhrada: Perspective to Žilina
    workshop of (landscape) architecture
    Monday – Friday, 10th – 14th August 2015

    Architect Peter Lényi ( and landscape architect Michal Marcinov lead (student) workshop with a goal to find a good place at Dubeň where a small tower with a view to the city is able to stand. And to prepare an architectural competition how this tour should look like. You can see the result of [...]

  • Talent Transport
    open air concert
    Friday 7th August 2015, 8 pm

    Wise people said in the past that music is one of the only possibilities how to infiltrate into unconsciousness of human kind. Collaboration of this young trio will persuade you about verity of this old statement.
    By every single beat, phrase and melody they will show you that people, who sacrificied their lives to music, still [...]

  • Biutiful
    summer cinema
    Tuesday 4th August 2015, 8:30 pm

    Uxbal is a former drug addict, a conflict type who tries to find reconciliation with his fatherhood, love, spirituality, crime, guilt and mortality. He is surrounded by dangerous underworld of modern Barcelona. His job is illegal and victims, who he is willing to sacrifice for his kids, are without any limits. Uxbal has just two [...]

  • Venezuela with Michal Chmeliar
    travelers cinema open air
    Friday 31st July 2015, 8:30 pm

    Untouched wild nature, touching the bottom of its own forces, oil socialism. Caribean country where you can still experience true wilderness and come to a mesa. In Canaima we will bath with local indians and we will reach the highest waterfall in the world – Salto Angel. And fairytale Caribic in the end. All these [...]

  • Memento
    summer cinema
    Tuesday 28th July 2015, 9 pm

    It starts with a photography and a message on it: “Kill him!” Leonard´s wife was killed and he doesn´t remember anything. His short-term memory dissapeared. He lost his past, presence exists just in 120 seconds and future is just a revenge. To compensate failures of his memory, he takes photos of everything and tatooes his [...]

  • Divadlo koňa a motora: Frogs
    programme for kids - part of theatre festival KioSK
    Saturday 25th July 2015, 11 am

    “Quack! Quack! So I understand it now, it is not important to be the best in the world! To have friends, that is important!” A fairytale about two inseparable friends, two slightly confused frogs, who undergo plenty of adventures and problems. But still they try to solve all the issues like Laurel and Hardy in [...]

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