How folklor is animated


This week at stanica Žilina-Záriečie, a film symposium Animated Film-Mix took place (od 15.8 do 19.8). On Monday, we made sketches for our little movies (which will be connected into one in the end of the week) for a topic: Contemporary Children Folklore. It can be horror, parody, rhyme.. On Tuesday and Wednesday, we prepared materials and sounds. On Thursday, we had a main shooting day and on Friday, we were finishing the thing and titles. Our chief, Veronika Tabačková, provided delicious afterlunch meals, so we did not starve to death. The final presentation of our film held place on 19th in Stanica attic. We managed to do all this thanks to our lecturers: HANKA LUKŠU-HUDLOVIČOVA, MAREK PIAČEK, DUŠAN DOBIAŠ, DANKA KRAJČOVÁ, MARTIN KRKOŠEK.

Ninka Konáriková a Rebeka Riljaková

The whole movie and maybe even making of movie will be available soon online. For now, a piece from it is here:

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  1. Super už sa teším keď to bude hotové celé :)

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