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  • Film quiz with Peter Konečný
    competing evening
    Wednesday 28. 5. 2014, 6.00pm

    Do you like movies, do you enjoy talking about them and are you competitive type? If so, don’t miss the first film quiz at Stanica with many interesting movie samples, questions and unusual cinematographic challenges. If you want to amuse us and yourselves by your film knowledge and win various thingies (e.g. free tickets, bar [...]

  • Slam Poetry #6
    competitive exhibition
    Saturday 17. 8. 2013, 19.00

    Slam as a parasite on the face of traditionally perceived poetry sets on the robbing everything from everyone. Genre, which is still just developing and drawing from the improvisation, play with the words and interaction with the audience. It has only three rules: author’s text, time limit 3 minutes and no objects. All that freedom [...]

  • Tell it quick – festival of short films and photography
    gala ceremony
    Tuesday 23. 4. 2013, 5 pm

    For the second time Stanica presents awards ceremony for the festival of short films and photos Tell it quick. Festival with a primary focus on student films and filmmakers based on the idea of ​​ digital democracy. It supports a wide range of films, focusing on the works placed on the Internet, so their condition [...]

  • Slam Poetry #5
    competitive exhibition
    Saturday 23. 2. 2013, 19.00

    Slammer should stand (for) the three things: stage, microphone and audience. Presented texts can be the result of preparation or pure improvisation - as you wish. Rhymed, not-rhymed, lyrical and politically incorrect lyrics, lyrics of the songs and overheard talks from the street, trolleys and waiting rooms, captured thoughts before falling asleep - with a [...]

  • Slam Poetry #4
    competitive exhibition
    Saturday 3. 11. 2012, 7pm

    Slam is the tempestuous form of presentation of thought. Slam Poetry is a ferocious river, which leads rhymes, correctness, propriety, politics, or sonnet somewhere in the past, and here, on the shore, remains just a plain statement that can change the world, but at least it says no slouch. Stand on the platform and share [...]

  • Slam Poetry #3 competitive exhibition, Saturday 14.07.2012,20.00

    Third continuation of noise exhibitions, where only two rules are valid. One person on scene with his/her own text and his/her 3minutes without accouterment. Try to gain your spectator.
    Slam is present form of Hviezdoslavov Kubin reflecting need of self-representation - live exhibition of own text production. It’s build on interaction with audience, which [...]

  • Photo-report from last week

    Concert Kompost 3 (At), Vojtěch Procházka Trio (Cz, No), public discussion Memory Kontrol: Corruption - a family friend, exhibition opening Christiana Caro (Usa): There, there, competitive exhibition Slam Poetry #2, critical mass and cycloelegace.

    Photo: Natália Zajačiková

  • Slam Poetry #2
    competitive exhibition
    Saturday, 21st April 2012, 7pm

    Violent words, disclosed passions, honest stories. Spit your opinion to the world´s face, or introduce it with love. Slam is a contemporary form of Hviezdoslav Kubin coming from a need of self-presentation - live performance of own texts. It´s based on interaction with audience, which has the oportunity to interfere the performances. The viewers are [...]

  • Tell it quick
    short internet movie and photo festival
    Tuesday, 10 April, 5pm, S2

    Prize ceremony of Second year of short internet movie and photo festival Tell it quick. The prizes will be given in various categories, such as feature film, document, video clip, or 5-second film and 60-second film. In photography festival, prizes will be earned for works from nature, or sport area. Theatre-improvsation group 3T took the [...]

  • Slam poetry
    exhibition contest
    Saturday, January 21, 2012, 7pm

    Slam is a current form of poem or text presentation, based on common need of selfrepresenting – live performance of your own work. It´s based on audience interaction, which is able to intervene the presentation. Eventually viewers became not only judges, but can influence the on-stage performer directly. Anyone, who has enough confidence to step in [...]

  • Tea at 5
    thematical afternoon
    Saturday, November 26, 2011, 3pm - 6pm

    The Šrámek sisters invite to have a nice cup of november tea and a little chat. Sister Docent Ščepánová from Charles University, expert at historical anthropology of a woman will have a speech about symbolism in cooking, cooking schools in 19. Century, culinary arts, even about the thin line between simple cooking, and magic. This [...]

  • The competition for the best “needlework title”

    Do you have a good idea for a sentence at a contemporary (this summer finished :-) needlework? We are waiting for them! The best idea author will win an original needlework made by Šramkove sisters.
    Comment here or write to ivana@stanica.sk, hanka@stanica.sk

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