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  • Streetart Summit 11
    graffiti and streetart symposium
    Wednesday – Friday, 25. – 27. 9. 2013

    Streetart and graffiti symposium number 11 and topic X in occasion of 10th anniversary of Stanica. The canvas will be as usually the wall under Rondel roundabout and the participants will be not only the members of graffiti and streetart community but also visual artists or graphic designers. Nonformal vernissage will happen on Friday [...]

  • MtotheG (ajlávmjuzik) & dj Emilee (emonoizboyz)
    Saturday 6. 10. 2012, 8pm

    Non-formal vernissage and afterparty ending graffiti and streetart symposium Streetart Summit 5na5je10 .
    Entry: 2,00 €

  • Streetart Summit 5na5je10
    graffiti and streetart symposium
    Wednesday – Saturday, 3. – 6. 10. 2012

    Graffiti and streetart symposium Streetart Summit number 10 with topic „Men vs. Women”. Five females and five males will meet in an imaginary gender battle on the wall under Rondel roundabout. Form and way of expression are opened, only the theme is defined. Both groups consist not only of traditional graffiti or streetart people but [...]

  • Streetart summit 9 Open Air - graffiti and streetart jam - Sat 14.07.2012, 11.00 - 19.00

    Nine continuation of graffiti and streetart symposium called Streetart Summit, this time in form of open jam on legal space behind Stanica building and also on restricted places in subway under Rondel.
    Music support by dj Emilio Ballage, Lamyrez and Quiks.
    This event is free of charge.

  • Streetart BOOK/SA on sale

    On Friday February 10, 2012, we celebrated the new book BOOK(SA) by the Studio 314. It shows in colors photos the history of streetart and graffiti symposium Streetart summit. Mini-portraits of 37 participants of eight symposia on 92 pages in an original form – each picture is also a removable sticker. The book is available [...]

  • Nenad Branković: „Then“ is the New „Now“
    exhibition February 10 - 29, 2012, Plusmínusnula gallery

    After a short break the gallery Plusmínusnula located in centre of Žilina is reopened. It’s been started by artist Ján Gašparovič, together with architects Dušan and Lenka Voštenák. Stanica is co-working on the exhibition Schedule, as well as other activities of the gallery, so Plusmínusnula is becoming a haven for our visual arts interests, until [...]

  • Photomix: mobility, streetart, Pecha and Tomášik

    If you hadn’t noticed photo reports from several previous events at our facebook page, you have just found them here.

    The brand new photo set comes from Milan Tomášik’s dance performance. Before, we had already 16th Pecha Kucha Night. Artie people enjoyed their time painting Stanica surroundings during Streetart Summite number ∞. And load of cyclo- [...]

  • Streetart Summit Open Air ∞
    streetart and graffiti jam
    Saturday, September 24, 2011, 11am - 19pm

    Open streetart and graffiti jam on the legal wall behind Stanica building. In case of bad weather, activity will move to the underpass and under Rondel roundabout. The event will be finished by vernissage of pieces made during three days Streetart Summit ∞ and afterparty with DJs who play during the whole jam.
    DJ Lamyrez (Žilina)
    DJ [...]

  • Streetart Summit ∞
    streetart and graffiti symposium
    Wednesday - Saturday, September 21–24, 2011

    Topic of eighth sequel of graffiti and streetart symposium Streetart Summit is Eternity. 11 selected artists from Slovakia (not stricly streetartists) will be working in Stanica for four days in front of public eyes. The event will finish with a vernissage of pieces on Saturday.

    Participating artists:
    Ivana Šatekova / Dzive
    Slavomíra Ondrušová / Dzive
    Michal Turkovič / Garnart
    Braňo [...]

  • Streetart Summit 6 Open Air
    Saturday 26. 6. 2010, 11.00 – 19.00

    Open streetart and graffiti jam (SUB_Stanica)
    More than a year has passed since the last Streetart Summit Open Air Žilina. Thus we didn’t miss a chance to meet again at a legal graffiti wall by cultural centre Stanica Žilina-Záriečie. In cooperation with Žilina city, we have prepared another open graffiti and streetart jam for all those, who [...]

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