Streetart Summit 5na5je10
graffiti and streetart symposium
Wednesday – Saturday, 3. – 6. 10. 2012

Streetart SummitGraffiti and streetart symposium Streetart Summit number 10 with topic „Men vs. Women”. Five females and five males will meet in an imaginary gender battle on the wall under Rondel roundabout. Form and way of expression are opened, only the theme is defined. Both groups consist not only of traditional graffiti or streetart people but painters, graphic or product designers as well. The result will be comparison of viewpoints of men and women but also confrontation of working styles of people coming from different artistic backgrounds.

The project is an output of the creative residency of a graphic designer Peter “Pyppo” Dlhopolček at Stanica.

Ivana Šáteková
Slavomíra Ondrušová
Natália Jarembáková
Katarína Bell
Broňa Schraggeová

Peter “PYPPO” Dlhopolček - SORTA and BAT crew
Marek Cina
Tomáš „OSEM” Rybár - PEk crew
Peter „PANK” Trmos - BAT crew
Martin „LENA” Paušly - PSFD crew

Creative process will be accessible and visible for the public, the event will be finished on Saturday evening with non-formal opening with final party where MtotheG and dj Emilee will play.

The activities are part of the Engine Room Europe (Living Underground), a project initiated by the network of independent cultural centers Trans Europe Halles.

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