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  • April sinfonium
    workshop for children
    Friday - Saturday, 5. - 6. 4. 2013

    Intensive workshop which will deal with various forms of connecting electronic sounds and animation. In this round, as a basis we will use the sounds that we recorded in the previous sinfonium (in February 2013) and more focus on the creating animations. Exercises of live recorded animated loops are waiting for us and also [...]

  • PPG Deco Slovakia supports our children workshop

    The US producer of colors PPG have decided to open the global grant program as part of their CSR (corporate social responsibility) to support local activities of communities and NGOs in science, education, social coherence, culture and arts. We are happy to announce that Slovak branch PPG Deco Slovakia chose Stanica’s children activities to support. [...]

  • Children summer symposiums 2011 - not only for kids!

    There will be two summer weeks used in Stanica for the intensive fine art workshops for kids - one in july, one in august, one specialised to the visual theatre and one to the film animation. The new thing is that film symposium will be also available for adult people (parents etc.)
    There are not all [...]

  • The Tales of Stanica
    Festive premiere of films and DVD presentation
    Monday, December 20, 4pm

    Sea in a kitchen sink, fish learning to fly, bee doing the laundry and cow grazing in Hliny, Žilina? These are only few motifs from our fictious and realistic film tales – feel free to come to see the rest!
    Between 2007-2010, an animated documentary The Tales of Stanice on the history of Stanica Žilina-Záriečie was made. [...]

  • Thanks to your votes Stanica won 7.000 € from O2 Think Big program. Thanks!

    And we got nearly twice more votes than the second project in final - 1.020 votes. Thank you so much, your support is greater than the money that we will receive, it means we have community of people around Stanica. Telefónica O2 Slovakia in cooperation of Ekopolis Foundation opened this new grant program - Think [...]

  • Summer children symposiums 2010
    12. - 16. 7. a 26. - 29. 7. 2010

    The summer is coming and it brings a possibility to join the atmosphere of Sumer children symposiums. There are two of them:
    July 12th-16th 2010: The jurney to the space of graphics
    Creative ways of classical and contemporary graphics and using dioramas for the kids from 6 to 12 years old. 4 days of intensive fine art [...]

  • Pecha Kucha Night Žilina – Detský špeciál / Children Special
    Thursday 10. 6. 2010, 17.00

    It is not only because school year is nearly over but also for this very reason that Pecha Kucha Night will cover representation of children Ateliers and Elementary School of Art of L. Árvay at Stanica. An hour before that, they will be opening exhibition in the gallery, lasting until the end of June. However, [...]

  • Big Inventory
    exhibition 10. 6. - 16. 7. 2010

    Exhibition of children works from our Workshops (Stanica_KID)
    Joint exhibition of projects at Stanica for children, showing the work created by art department of ZUŠ Ľ. Árvaya, working at Stanica. In the past school year, more than 400 visitors together with participants of art education programs for schools and the public have contributed. Curational concept of [...]

  • Program of Stanica for schools
    basic information

    A special category of the activities in Stanica are programs designed for schools (groups for pupils and students from 5 years old).

    The offer is not systematic yet, but reflecting actual demand and organizational capacity. In general the activity can have form of a short workshop, a visit to Stanica with commentary, a the theatre performance, [...]

  • Photo: Exhibition workshop - Rajecká Anča

    photo by fjk

  • Photo: Opening vernissage - Our train line has 110 years

    photo: fjk

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