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  • Weekend photos: Pecha Kucha, cleaning, workshop, Mr. Carrot, MaTinée

    Pecha Kucha Night Žilina – Volume 18

    Spring cleaning

    Laurent Schneegans (Fr): Space and Color (workshop / School of the Light Design)

    Mr. Carrot: Bugger Animals (scenical reading for children)

    MaTinée - afternoon with music
    Photo: Natália Zajačiková

  • Mr. Carrot: Bugger Animals
    scenical reading for children
    Saturday 24 March 2012, 4pm

    What happens when you watch theatrically performed story of a book, you fall in love with its main characters, you spend few funny-beautiful adventures and then they tell you: 
”I am truly sorry but we don’t have time to read you nothing more…“? You want to shout - „More!“? 
Or you might start feeling like [...]

  • Literature Night 2011
    Wednesday, May 11, 2011, 6 – 10pm

    An adventurous night journey with literature around the city, stopping at places you wouldn’t expect. International project Literature Night, initiated by Czech centres in 18 European cities, will take place in Zilina for the first time. Contemporary European literary works will be read by well-known personalities from Zilina and Slovak cultural scene – artists Rudolf [...]

  • Daniela Kapitáňová, Richard Kitta a Enter
    Literature Live
    Wednesday, March 16, 2011, 7pm

    Another one from the series of readings and discussions with contemporary Slovak writers. In 2011, presentation of one literary magazine will become part of each event. Needless to introduce Daniela Kapitáňová thanks to Samko Tále and The book about cemetery. She’s one of the most famous Slovak authors, whose books are praised abroad as well. [...]

  • Photo: Urban legends

    Year 2011 at Stanica started in gorgeous atmosphere. The first event was vernissage of the art-brut exhibition What is it like through Zuzka´s eyes, depicting daily life on rural countryside.

    Afterwards, Petr Janeček started our new longterm project Urban legends, reading from his book of the same name and presenting us popular contemporary urban myths and [...]

  • Urban Legends
    Presentation, concert, scenic reading
    Friday, January 14, 2011, 7pm

    Are there, nowadays, such stories which fascinate us all? Stories which we all can remember and share? Is there something like “the 20th Century folklore”?
    Do you remember the Black ambulance, which travels round the city kidnapping children? This one and other stories, gossips, rumours, and speculations prove that legends and other traditional genres do not [...]

  • Blue Peter (Milčák) and (Julo’s) Fujaksongs
    Music/literary evening, Wednesday, December 22, 7pm

    They were born the same year (Fujak 10. 10. and Milčák 12. 12.), and have know each other for long. Most of the songs, composed by Julo Fujak to the lyrics by Peter Milčák. Besides his own poems, he will present his publishing house Modry Peter, which specializes in poetry and publishes original and [...]

  • J. H. Krchovský (Cz)
    reading, Saturday 9. 10. 2010, 20.00

    J. H. Krchovský is a contemporary Czech poet, representing a unique phenomenon for three decades now. He is the author of prosaic works such as Jakoby and Hodina navíc and other poetry collections. Krchovský applies his texts in the work of Krch-Off Band as a singer and guitarist (CD Naposled, 2009).
    in Czech only
    Admission: 3,50 / 2,00 €
    Valid [...]

  • Read by Peter Karpinský and Koloman Kocúr,
    Kamil Mihalov on piano
    Tuesday 5. 10. 2010, 20.00, S2

    The two Slovak writers read from their own works. Accompanied by Kamil Mihalov, playing the piano, which is not his own.
    in Slovak only
    Admission: 2,00 / 1,00 €

  • Photo:

    photo by fjk

  • Poetry Live: Walker (Peter Staríček) and Individual (Pavol Garan)
    Friday 15. 1. 2010, 19.00

    Live poetry reading and small concert (Stanica_LAB)
    Fresh poets Peter Staríček and Pavol Garan are live reading from their books accompanied by Ondrej Golis on guitar and Marián Štúň on violin. Live evening with young Slovak literature and probably beginning of a new cycle of live readings. The contemporary literature, especially poetry, is really on the [...]

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