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  • Fimfarum – The Third Time Lucky
    film projection for children and parents
    Saturday 26 May 2012, 4pm

    Fim-fá-rum 3-1D is a magic formula that will transform May children Saturdays theatre performances into the cinema. The movie is an adaptation of well-known Czech classic and the third sequel of a trilogy that was being created during past decade inspired by great fairytale book Fimfárum by Jan Werich. The last part was produced in [...]

  • Buchty a loutky (Cz): Golden goose
    puppet fairytale for children
    Saturday 14 April 2012, 4pm

    In april, we invited great ensemble from Czech republic, Buchty a loutky, to perform for children at Stanica. They will perform a children fairytale Golden goose. It looks like we have a lot to look forward to. Children, and adults too - the play was awarded on festival Mateřinka 2011 in Liberec for best contemporary [...]

  • Weekend photos: Pecha Kucha, cleaning, workshop, Mr. Carrot, MaTinée

    Pecha Kucha Night Žilina – Volume 18

    Spring cleaning

    Laurent Schneegans (Fr): Space and Color (workshop / School of the Light Design)

    Mr. Carrot: Bugger Animals (scenical reading for children)

    MaTinée - afternoon with music
    Photo: Natália Zajačiková

  • Mr. Carrot: Bugger Animals
    scenical reading for children
    Saturday 24 March 2012, 4pm

    What happens when you watch theatrically performed story of a book, you fall in love with its main characters, you spend few funny-beautiful adventures and then they tell you: 
”I am truly sorry but we don’t have time to read you nothing more…“? You want to shout - „More!“? 
Or you might start feeling like [...]

  • What is going to come in 2011?

    Some of the confirmed and planned events and projects that will take place in Stanica in 2011:
    Selection of the best documentaries from One World festival (January), Literature Night (May 11), Fest Anča - international animation film festival (July 1 - 3), KioSK - independent Slovak theatre and dance (July 28 - 30), Kinobus - research [...]

  • Mini Art Workshop

    Mini art workshop is for kids from 4 to 6 years old and aimed at visual arts creation - drawing, painting, photography, sculpting using different themes and projects. The price for one workshop is 2,00 €.
    The workshop is every Monday at 16.30.

    Info and applications:
    Nika Tabačková, 0948 828 213

  • L. Arvay’s Primary Art School

    … is using the space of Stanica.
    There are possibilities of courses for children from age of 5, for pupils and students of grammar and high schools, as well as for adults.

    Info and booking:
    Mgr. Petra Máliková: petra@stanica.sk, 0904 501 927

  • The First Children summer symposium is over

    Cez 20 detí, 8 dospelých a 1. tohtoročné letné sympózium juniorov sa blíži do svoho piatkového finále. A my vás priebežne zásobujeme čerstvou fotografickou dokumentáciou aktivít našich-vašich detí. Z dôvodu utajovania musíme ešte stále časť dôkazového materiálu o našej činnosti držať pod zámkom. Avšak piatok… sa všetko dozviete.
    More than 20 kids, 8 adults and 1st [...]

  • Summer children symposiums 2010
    12. - 16. 7. a 26. - 29. 7. 2010

    The summer is coming and it brings a possibility to join the atmosphere of Sumer children symposiums. There are two of them:
    July 12th-16th 2010: The jurney to the space of graphics
    Creative ways of classical and contemporary graphics and using dioramas for the kids from 6 to 12 years old. 4 days of intensive fine art [...]

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