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  • Muži revolúcie / Men of the Revolution (Zuzana Piussi)
    Tuesday 27 March 2012, 7pm

    The newest movie of Slovak documentarist Zuzana Piussi is a mosaic of subjective perspectives of former revolutionaires – direct participants and and faces of the Velvet revolution. Piussi decided to explore the memories of men who played significant roles in the new history of our country through their personal point of view at the events [...]

  • Zuzana Piussi: The Grandma, Koliba
    Tuesday 9. 3. 2010, 18.00

    documentary films projection by the author  (Stanica_CLASS)

    Zuzana Piussi is courageous enough to speak about issues which are not “in”. However, it is not only taboo issues that she explores; from non-classical point of view, other classical themes are explored as well. And what’s more, she is not afraid to ask.

    Please feel free to accept [...]

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