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  • Photo: VerTeDance: Emigrantes

    Emigrantes have hard lives. Also the dancers from yesterday dance performance Emigrantes had to fight the elements in our S2. However, the performers (especially kids) were not surprised and delivered excellent piece. So we praise and thank them.
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  • VerTeDance (Cz): Emigrantes
    Dance theatre performance
    Sunday, December 12, 7pm in S2

    A story about a boy who had to leave a well-known place called HOME. We all are running away from something. But where is HE running? Will he get back HOME? …and where it really is…? Emigrantes looks at the refugee phenomenon through children’s eyes. Choreographers were inspired by children’s vision of the world and the [...]

  • On exchange - Archa to Stanica, Stanica to Archa

    It is not planned but welcomed that the same weekend when Stanica is hosting the great dance piece Emigrantes by VerTeDance created in Archa Theatre in Prague, Archa is hosting our performance The Last Historical Role of the Young Generation directed by Ján Šimko. Our performance is in Prague on Saturday and Sunday December 11 [...]

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