On exchange - Archa to Stanica, Stanica to Archa

posledna_historicka_uloha_mladej_generacie_c_pavla_byrtusova_021It is not planned but welcomed that the same weekend when Stanica is hosting the great dance piece Emigrantes by VerTeDance created in Archa Theatre in Prague, Archa is hosting our performance The Last Historical Role of the Young Generation directed by Ján Šimko. Our performance is in Prague on Saturday and Sunday December 11 and 12, Emigrantes you can in S2 on Sunday December 12. Both in Prague and Žilina you are more than welcome.

Click to know more about our performance Last Historical Role of the Young Generation and its presentation in Archa Theatre in Prague.
Click here to get more info about Emigrantes by VerTeDance and Archa Theatre, that will be in Stanica.
Thanks to the Ministry of Culture of Slovakia for financial support of our presentation in Prague.

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