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  • On exchange - Archa to Stanica, Stanica to Archa

    It is not planned but welcomed that the same weekend when Stanica is hosting the great dance piece Emigrantes by VerTeDance created in Archa Theatre in Prague, Archa is hosting our performance The Last Historical Role of the Young Generation directed by Ján Šimko. Our performance is in Prague on Saturday and Sunday December 11 [...]

  • Ján Šimko:
    The Last Historical Mission of Young Generation
    Wednesday 26. 5. 2010, 19.00

    theatre performance in S2 (Stanica_CLASS)
    What would happen when you hear at some party that somebody had been beaten up in Prague and that the revolution started? Clear, perestroyka had been in progress for four years already, the regimes in Europe were falling one after another, the Berlin Wall was taken apart by the first tourists [...]

  • Performances from Stanica on festivals

    Again good news about performances created in residency in Stanica. The Last Historical Role of the Young Generation (directed by Ján Šimko) took part of Academic Prešov theatre festival on May 4, 2010. The Project.Wedding (directed by Mariana Ďurčeková and Ján Luterán) is going to be performed on Friday May 14 at 7pm in Bratislava [...]

  • Photo: Freedom! Freedom? Opening night of international theatre project

    Archa Theatre Prague, Husa na provázku Theatre Brno, Stanica Žilina-Záriečie a three new performance premiered on November 22, 2009 at Stanica as part of 68-89 Kunst.Zeit.Geschichte international project.

    photo by fjk

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