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  • Pace.V4 Touring Conference
    Conference about the relationship between art and politics

    Pace.V4 Touring Conference has a format of traveling conference, during which participants from around the world visit the cultural and creative centers in the V4 countries. Station Žilina-Záriečie will be one of the venues of the conference.
    In addition to presentations of projects Stanica and the New Synagogue, for international participants dancing performance Jara Viňarský [...]

  • Alef 0
    discussion evening
    Thursday 28. 2. 2013, 18.00

    Aleph is a point in the space that contains all the other points. Anyone, who looks into it can see everything in the universe, from every angle simultaneously, without distortion, overlapping or confusion. … (Borges)
    The first in the cycle of discussion evenings, which will be devoted to the literature, art and new media. Theorists, practitioners [...]

  • Pecha Kucha Night Žilina – Volume 18
    20 slides x 20 seconds
    Friday 23 March 2012, 8.20PM

    First time this year, we will have possibility to experience heterogeneous but interesting swatch of architects, artists and other creative people, in format of 20 pictures x 20 seconds, with a microphone in their hands struggling to explain you in less than 7 minutes their work. After the winter break, this event is opening S2, [...]

  • Photo: Closer to gallery

    We were happy to host participants of the cycle of workshops called Closer to Gallery - dedicated to the people working in the field of gallery pedagogic. We shared our knowledge and experience how we educate children through art about art and we got some precious feedback and new points of view on this specific [...]

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