Tag: ‘traveling cinema’

  • Program for February (English version)

    30.01 -10.02.2017, Monday – Friday,
    School projections of One World film festival

    Regional Echoe of the One World festival we have already implemented in November 2016, but projections of documents on topical themes, the world’s problems and possible solutions will be screened again intended for students of primary and secondary schools. Documents reveal civil, [...]

  • Program for October (English version)

    1.10.2016, Saturday, 16.00
    Two theater performances for children
    Prague dance studio Light “Puntíkáři” / perpetrators of good deeds, Jola
    “Puntíkáři” / perpetrators of good deeds is the introduction to a book by Milos Kratochvil “Puntíkáři”. For a while you can become heroes – perpetrators of good deeds! You can fight with your charm, wisdom and [...]

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