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  • One World Film Festival - school screenings
    screenings for students and pupils
    Monday – Friday, 26th January – 6th February 2015

    Documentary screenings about human rights, global problems, ecology and clashes of cultures which are designed for pupils and high school students. Documentaries are accompanied by lector introduction and discussion.
    More information and registration: Hana Hudcovičová Lukšů, hanka@stanica.sk or 0907 178 756.
    >> Basic school offer:
    Faridullah’s Day Off - Taj Mohammad Bakhtari, Jens Pedersen / Afganistan, Denmark / 2013 [...]

  • One World for schools
    screenings for pupils and students
    27. 1. - 7. 2. 2014

    Documentary film projections focused on human rights, global issues, ecology, clashes and encounters of cultures, dedicated to students of elementary and high schools. Documentaries broadening themes of civic lessons, history and geography are screened with introduction of professionals and disucssions with students about the topics from the movies.
    Organized projections for elementary school pupils (6. - [...]

  • Where the art starts…
    longterm programs for elementary schools

    We are running the project based on fine art and media education strategies focused primarily to the groups of children at elmentary school from 6 to 15 years, organized by school classes.
    The programs are divided into tematic and methodic categories and this way offer to teachers various possibilities of spending classes at Stanica and learning [...]

  • Meeting with the teachers of elementary and high schools in Žilina
    Wednesday 9. 2. 2011 15.00 and 17.00

    Dear teachers in Žilina!
    Have you noticed that Stanica is offering a part of its activities also for students of elementary and high schools? Would you like to know about this program in contemporary arts and culture - creation as well as theory and history? We are also interested in your plans and needs and we [...]

  • 3P - Space for Move
    Lessons on contemporary dance for high schools

    Stanica Žilina-Záriečie launches a new continual project 3P – Space for move in cooperation with Dance theatre Alternatív. The project focuses on bringing contemporary dance closer to the public.

    3P – Space for move project offers interactive lessons on contemporary dance for students of high schools and primary artistic schools. The project brings also dance workshops [...]

  • One World for Schools
    25. 1. - 4. 2. 2010

    screenings for kids and youth (Stanica_FLUX)
    Topics of the film festival One World, dealing with human rights, are closely related to curricula of Civics, History, Geography. Serving also as supplementary material to the main topics at schools, films are made especially for elementary and secondary school students. In case you’re interested in broadening your horizons, and [...]

  • Program of Stanica for schools
    basic information

    A special category of the activities in Stanica are programs designed for schools (groups for pupils and students from 5 years old).

    The offer is not systematic yet, but reflecting actual demand and organizational capacity. In general the activity can have form of a short workshop, a visit to Stanica with commentary, a the theatre performance, [...]

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