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  • S2 air-conditioned!

    njoy the summer festival in two air-conditioned halls. Thanks to heroic performance of our technicians and three professionals from DMJ Klima company we managed on Thursday to replace one two air-conditions from the attick of Stanica to S2. And it works great, so we will cool as much as possible both halls during the performances [...]

  • Stanica open on weekends during summer

    All this summer, our bar and gallery are open also on weekends. So you are welcome to have a drink or see actual exhibition, all the Saturdays and Sundays or public holidays, we are open from 9.30am until 8pm and maybe longer…

  • Summer festivals in Stanica
    Theatre Kiosk & Animated Fest Anča

    The summer is soon here and this is the first call to our two festivals. Please, note the dates especially. As you see they are not really of a local kind of small open air beer-teenage-music kind… not at all. Kiosk is focused on independent Slovak drama and dance, but inviting also creators from abroad [...]

  • Video: Fest Anča 2009

    Dear friends of Fest Anča, look at this! Our friends-organizers of this international festival of animation films made a short documentary from the 2009 edition. See how great was it, who was there …and so and so. And look forward the next edition that will take place again in Stanica end of July/beginning of August [...]

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