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  • Photo chamber
    black & white photocamp
    Friday - Sunday 1. 3. June 2012, ± 0,0 Gallery

    Put the inducted film into the “tank”, develop it, stabilize it, dry it. Then, produce images on a paper from it, in the darkness of a photo chamber. The whole process may be experienced by the participant of weekend workshop dedicated to all fans of analogue photography. Each of you should bring a black and [...]

  • Urban Legends 2:
    City as phantom and fetish
    Thematic evening
    Thursday, April 28, 2011, 7pm

    Another thematic evening dedicated to urban legends will follow the thread of Peter Janecek’s lecture, which he held in January. This time we will omit the theory of legendsa, and get closer to the city. Vaclav Hajek, visual studies theoretician, will give a lecture on the topic of “City as phantom and fetish”. After the [...]

  • Photo hunt on urban legends

    Inferno 5, so far unknown amateur photography group whose foundation was inspired by a visit of amateur photo exhibition in Rajec, commences its activities. Tomorrow (Saturday, February 12 at 12.00), we are striking out for the first time - for a hunt on urban legends throught the finder of photo camera. Reacting on the call [...]

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