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  • Space Love (CZ)
    No Fun at All in the House of Dolls (CZ)
    open air concert
    Friday 28th August 2015, 8 pm

    The last open air concert of this summer will be a performance of two czech (not only) music couples – No Fun at All in the House of Dolls (CZ) and Space Love (CZ). Bands have in common expressive projections, which are the work of women halfs of the bands.
    Space Love is a British music [...]

  • Žilin Cin City
    kids summer symposium
    Monday - Friday, 17th - 21st August 2015

    Public space is a big and often mentioned topic but just rarely it is reflected by kids. The goal of the project Žilin Cin City is to bring kids near urban theories, near a research of the city where they live and according to material, which kids gain, prepare docufictive theatre performance which they will [...]

  • Beforefestanča photomix

  • TCH (Uk)
    Wednesday 20. June 2012, 9pm

    TCH (Timothy C Holehouse) is an alter ego of blues-folk artist Tim Holehouse who successfully performed at Stanica in October 2011. TCH is more an experimental project of his, which extends from sound collages to ambient guitar compositions. In the mid-2008, Tim realized that the two approaches of his composing are way to different, so [...]

  • Astronautalis (Us), Bleubird (Us)
    Thursday 14. June 2012, 8pm

    A gig of two american solo artists, considered alternative hip-hop, within their joint Eastern European Vacation Tour 2012.
    Astronautalis (Us, Fake Four), born Charles Andrew Bothwell, is an American hip-hop artist. The term “artist” is in his case, truly not an exaggeration, ´cause he´s mixing hip-hop with blues, electro and indie. Many describe him as “Beck [...]

  • Father Murphy (It), Les Rhinocéros (Us)
    Wednesday, 15 February 2012, 8pm

    Les Rhinocéros band from Washington DC bring mad world of sounds, combining rock, world music, noise, ambient and jazz elements. Emotional, minimalistic, intense and tense - music that is overlaping boundaries of imagination up to the sanity. The band grows its audio experiments by adding unusual instruments into an ordinary rock band set. Debut album [...]

  • Zs (Us, The Social Registry)
    Concert / Kofola Sessions
    Sunday, April 17, 2011, 8pm

    „One of the strongest avant-garde bands in New York. The Zs’ songs sputter forth in Morse code dots of percussion and saxophone…”
    Ben Sisario, New York Times
    Zs was founded in 2000 by tenor saxophonist and composer Sam Hillmer. Since the band’s inception Zs has incarnated as everything from a sextet to a duo, most recently featuring [...]

  • Photo & video: Cluster Ensemble: Living Room

    Cluster Ensemble allowed us to experience specific musical performance. It was not the easiest for the audience concentration, but it was worth of coming.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [...]

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