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  • Uurob si sám: BOJTKY
    family workshop
    Saturday 29. 3. 2014, 10.00am - 12.00am

    At the following workshop, we will be acting as illustrators and book binders. We have pre-printed a tiny book entitled Bojtky that is full of folklore rhymes: „Kobyła Bexa poskočiła dřisła motyka kapsa“. Are you curious what language is that?
    Workshop led by Uutěrky.
    Info: mjk@cmail.cz, +421 949 849 378
    Participation fee: 5,00 €

  • Furošiki workshop
    screen printing / japanese packaging
    Saturday 16. June 2012, 3pm - 6pm

    Furoshiki is a japanese technique of packing things, which is very inspirative, very neat and practical as well. Actually, our ancestors tended to pack stuff using a simple “node”, but Japanese people led this technique to perfection, by their aesthetic approach and endless techniques of binding. Our young colleague Timo Blaho, who found it amongst [...]

  • Photo incubator

    Besides good doctors, empatic teachers or accurate geodets, the world also needs sensitive photographers. Or at least children who are not afraid to express their point of view. For example through the photography.

    That is why we are opening junior Photo laboratorium for kids from 11 to 15 years of age called Photo incubator. Every second [...]

  • The First Children summer symposium is over

    Cez 20 detí, 8 dospelých a 1. tohtoročné letné sympózium juniorov sa blíži do svoho piatkového finále. A my vás priebežne zásobujeme čerstvou fotografickou dokumentáciou aktivít našich-vašich detí. Z dôvodu utajovania musíme ešte stále časť dôkazového materiálu o našej činnosti držať pod zámkom. Avšak piatok… sa všetko dozviete.
    More than 20 kids, 8 adults and 1st [...]

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