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  • Studio Dan (At) & Michel Doneda (Fr): Fanfare III
    Friday 14. September 2012, 8pm, S2

    Fanfare III is a project together with saxophonist Michel Doneda. Based solely on the sound of his instruments used in his solo improvisations a full-length composition is developed. The basic tonal material is prepared based on the acoustic, spectral and the aesthetic analysis Doneda´s recordings. Formally, the piece is a highly developed intertwining of improvisation [...]

  • Farewell Vegan sunday
    Sunday 26. August 2012, 5pm

    Popular gastro-event held by Nataša Prelog from Slovenia for the last time. Nataša, after a year-long voluntary exchange at Stanica is returning home. This time, we´ll experiment with food on all kinds of vegan ways. Your recipes of all kinds are welcome!
    The event is being organized by Nataša Prelog (Slo), currently working as a volunteer [...]

  • Musica Falsa et Ficta: More variations on Goldberg
    concert / Vážna hudba nevážne
    Wednesday 23. May 2012, 8pm

    Would Bach be an improvizing noiser today? Concert of an international choir, an improvising orchestra and a turntablist processes and interprets Goldberg´s variations. The piece is accepted but the open for comments. Is it going to be punky?
    The main idea of this performance is to synthetize contemporary improvisational techniques in all levels of playing – [...]

  • Memory Kontrol: Corruption - a family friend
    public discussion
    Thursday, 19th April 2012, 7pm

    Big politics and big business are a history of corrupted partnerships. A private discussion within the Memory Kontrol series, will focus on corruption from a historical point of view - it´s nothing new in our country.
    Mgr. László Vörös, PhD. a Mgr. Peter Šoltés, PhD. - independent science researchers of Historical department of SAV. They focus [...]

  • Pacientarium: ŠTB Hunter
    theatre performance
    Wednesday 21 March 2012, 7pm

    Multimedia-theatre akcion 3D thriller, where the hunter of State Security Service agents (ŠTB) rids the planet of red invasion.
    “Yesterday we thought, that they weren’t among us.
    Today, they want to master every living being.
    They use terror, fear and brainwash, as a weapon.
    Values, they destroy can be saved by one man only.
    The Mission: get rid of [...]

  • Light KioSK 2011

    Within KioSk 2011, festival of Slovak independent theatre and dance, a special focus will be put on light design in performances. Jan Benes (CZ) and Jan K. Rolnik (both Cz), light designers cooperating with various Czech and European theatre or non-verbal groups, are going to evaluate how creators worked with lights and stage setting. There [...]

  • The competition for the best “needlework title”

    Do you have a good idea for a sentence at a contemporary (this summer finished :-) needlework? We are waiting for them! The best idea author will win an original needlework made by Šramkove sisters.
    Comment here or write to ivana@stanica.sk, hanka@stanica.sk

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