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  • Photo: Kiosk 2011

    Kiosk. One of the stars of programme sky of every years and summer at Stanica. Thursday, all began and here we are with fresh pictures from in front the stages as well as from behind them. Bon appetite!

    photo: dusand, natália zajačiková, wanda kaprál

  • Write us what do you think and want …and win the Year Pass 2011.

    Tell us what has changed in Stanica to the better and as for the worse. What you see and like, what you would like to see. What do you like, what you makes you angry here. Why do you really come here as well as do you not come more often. Even though we do [...]

  • Thanks (2010)
    and Best Wishes (2011)

    Here comes the time of plenty so you can take. We wish you family gatherings, charity, gifts, food, needles, … We wish you a wonderful Christmas. The year has passed (ending just after Christmas, you know). For us in Stanica it was the seventh and twice happy - thanks to double capacity of Stanica due [...]

  • Year pass 2011 on sale now

    For only 50 € (30 € students, …) you can get more than 100 evenings in Stanica in the year 2011. This is worth to buy, not? In sale now in our bar and if you come and buy the pass, you will also get a t-shirt with our new design of Rondel roundabout by [...]

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