Gyula Cserepes: Chameleon
performance / work in progress
Friday 1st May 2015, 7 pm

Gyula CserepesGyula Cserepes is a performer but a folklorist as well. You can see him as an actor, musician or dancer on stage. He was born in Yugoslavia in hungarian family, he lives and works in Slovenia, Hungary, Belgium and Switzerland.

Solo performance Chameleón is Gyula´s author´s project and it reflects his identity. It faces the generation feeling of young people who try to find assurences , home and themselves between all the possibilities. Discovering own roles in this world where they feel like permanent actors, trying to find answers which are covered by all these layers and trying to figure out who is the one who keeps the control above all this.

I am a chameleon. I know how to quickly adapt to the new surroundings, how to be flexible, openminded and receptive. I know what is expected from me in the concrete environment and I know how to turn it into my benefits. The world is a big stage where I play.

But I suffer more and more from the fact that I dont know who I am.

Work in progress presentation is an open public rehearsal and the first showing of performance, which Gyula prepares during his residency at Stanica, in co-production with our home light designer Ints Plavnieks.

Concept, choreography, performing: Gyula Cserepes
Light design: Ints Plavnieks

Admission voluntary.

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