Tag: ‘work in progress’

  • Gyula Cserepes: Chameleon
    performance / work in progress
    Friday 1st May 2015, 7 pm

    Gyula Cserepes is a performer but a folklorist as well. You can see him as an actor, musician or dancer on stage. He was born in Yugoslavia in hungarian family, he lives and works in Slovenia, Hungary, Belgium and Switzerland.
    Solo performance Chameleón is Gyula´s author´s project and it reflects his identity. It faces the generation [...]

  • Peter Šavel, Kamil Mihalov: Shifts
    dance-motion performance / work in progress
    Saturday 9. 3. 2013, 19.00

    The new performance of Peter Šavel and Kamil Mihalov, duet of dancer and pianist. Emotional physical interpretation of grief and sorrow in the interaction of the music of J. S. Bach, Goldberg variations.
    Dance and choreography: Peter Šavel
    Music interpretation: Kamil Mihalov
    Music: Johann Sebastian Bach: Goldberg variations (selection); Uri Caine Ensemble / Johann Sebastian Bach: Goldberg Variations [...]

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