What is it like through Zuzka’s eyes? (art-brut home video)
exhibition January 14 - February 4, 2011

Who is Zuzka? She is Martin’s sister. She likes photography and making videos. She bought her first cheap digital camera a year ago, and started exploring the surrounding world through its lenses. Spring, summer, autumn, winter, day by day, year by year. Growing potatoes, making hay,cutting wood, making home-spirit, pig-slaughter. Ride in a car, ride, just a ride. Recurring motifs and themes, simple records, ordinary life. Zuzana’s world. What is it that makes these amateur pictures so attractive? Joy that we can feel from Zuzana’s passion for filming, for systematic and plain record of the most familiar. Joy of watching the random pictures of every day. Resembling the works of 19th century impressionists, kind of abstract compositions. Work with videocamera, picture selection, filming methods, tricks and jokes. Spontaneous entering into pictures, Zuzana with a videocamera in her hand is having lunch, riding a bike… all in Hanacka village. Sentimental irony, village realism, post-ruralism. The crucial point of the project/exhibition is the selection of videos – it is a play with the material found (“what will happen if…”). And maybe Zuzka did not see the way we do.

Videos by: Zuzana Krkošková
Exhibition concept: Pavla Krkošková Byrtusová, Blanka Švédová
Ako to vidí Zuzka?

The exhibition lasts until February 4, 2011, the gallery is open daily from 12am to 8pm. Free entry.
Many thanks to Hit Gallery in Bratislava for technical support.

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