S2 - Experimental Parasite (review by P. Szalay in ARCH magazine 10/09)

Auditorium S2 - Experimental Parasite


The Truc sphérique civic association, which is active in the cultural & communal spheres, is to be found in the Žilina-Záriečie railway station building and the surrounding areas. The construction of the multifunctional S2 hall is the last of the projects revitalising the peripheral area. Two intersecting cylinders, inserted between the bridge pillar with its facade of beer crates and the entrance from the boat container, seem to be more graceful and aesthetical in their structure and form than many of our stone cultural centres. The virtue of the construction is in its ecological and economical conception. It has demanded neither sophisticated nor expensive technologies and materials and the result is a remarkable reflection of experimental work with local material and waste.

Peter Szalay






English short summary from the article published ARCH 10/2009, copyright by: VYDAVATEĽSTVO EUROSTAV, spol. s r.o.

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  1. Odkaz s fotkami na v poznamkach spominany… zaujímavý príklad riešenia priestoru pod diaľničným nadjazdom v holandskom meste Koog aan der Zaan od NL architects:


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