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  • Photomix: mobility, streetart, Pecha and Tomášik

    If you hadn’t noticed photo reports from several previous events at our facebook page, you have just found them here.

    The brand new photo set comes from Milan Tomášik’s dance performance. Before, we had already 16th Pecha Kucha Night. Artie people enjoyed their time painting Stanica surroundings during Streetart Summite number ∞. And load of cyclo- [...]

  • Summer critical mass every month

    Do you like the critical mass events in our city? So join them in the summer too! Mulica Civic Association, which fights to develop environmentally friendly transportation in our city and organizes two major critical masses in spring and autumn, began to organize small summer bike rides. Each 22nd in the month starting at 18:00 [...]

  • The Week of Mobility
    19. - 25. 9. 2009

    Festival of Alternatives to Engines - Sous les Pavés la Plage (Stanica_FLUX)
    “Festival of Alternatives to Engines” is an example of how a perfect city might look like. The project brings together artists, activists and professionals in their effort (not only) to develop the city, not only on paper.


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