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  • Farm in the Cave: Whistleblowers
    theatre performance / Slovak premiere
    Tuesday 30th September 2014, 6 and 8 pm

    Inscenation is not just a so-called Orwellian fantasy. It was created according to a real affair which ended up by a scandal judgement of the court in Switzerland in 2013. What is hiding behing the marketing identity of corporation? Corporation whose products we consume every day. Real context is leading us to unexplained murders of [...]

  • LOBBY: Who manipulates us?
    Thursday 5. 12. 2013, 6pm

    Who affects our lives more than we dare to accept on the first glance? They are not secret services anymore but we should ask questions like What has changed since State Security (ŠTB)? How does political marketing work nowadays? And what about the lobbyists?
    Discussion evening of Fedor Blaščák (MEMORY KONTROL) and his guests.
    Radovan Choleva - [...]

  • Farm in the Cave: Waiting Room
    theatre performance
    Friday 15. 11., 6pm and 8pm

    The memory versus presente of the place – train station Žilina-Záriečie which used for deportation of the Jews from Slovak state during WW2. In the waiting room, random passengers are meeting and unrandom dead are coming back. In a trivial triangle, there is a meridian of private violence evoking unhealed historical trauma from which [...]

  • Farm in the Cave: Basic Actor Training
    Thurday - Saturday, March 28th - 30th 2013

    Intensive international theatre workshop led by Hana Varadzinova and members of the studio Farm in the Cave will offer practical exercises in which the actors walked in creating of theatre piece “Waiting Room”. The conversion of elements of physical and vocal training.
    Actions inspired by the relationship of the body, sound and space. The workshop shares [...]

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