Tag: ‘Detské sympózium’

  • Children Water Theatre Symposium
    workshop for children
    Friday – Saturday, 15. – 16. 2013

    Theatre set design and dramatization using recycled materials and water, inspired by the story of the Little Mermaid by H. Ch. Andersen.
    Friday 3pm - 6pm
    Saturday 1pm - 6pm, from 6pm presentation of the results
    Participation fee: 12,00 €
    Info and registration: martu@stanica.sk, +421 949 354 582

  • Children paper symposium
    Friday – Saturday, 15. – 16. 3. 2013

    Paper is made of trees? And toys from toilet paper rolls? Used paper can be recycled and used again? To make your own hand-made paper? With these and other questions, we will be dealing on children symposium with its main theme - THE PAPER. We will discuss how the paper is made, we will try [...]

  • Eskimo symposium
    Friday - Saturday, 18. - 19. 1. 2013

    On Stanica January is traditionally dedicated to the topics of the festival Jeden svet (One world) and we want to give something from all of these to the children as well. For this there are school projections, or for example this kind of symposium.
    One part of the workshop will be Friday’s study - talking and [...]

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