KioSK 2013: Move to the expression, move to the meaning
intensive motion-theatrical workshop
Saturday - Wednesday, 20. - 24. 7. 2013

Peter Šavel, Kamil Mihalov

Peter Šavel, Kamil Mihalov (foto: Vanda Hybnerová)

Dancers and performers Zuzana Burianová and Peter Šavel and pianist Kamil Mihalov are offering new approaches in creation of stage expression, meaning and emotions through the body and movement.

Workshop of Zuzana Burianová will be devoted to the searching and creating of an expression through the understanding of own body in the space. „From small gestures we are going to the large movement units and vice versa. In the movement phrases we can find not only technical skill of controlling the body in the space, but also motivation, dynamic and expression. Workshop is offering a specific view on the work of hands as the whole weight, as decoration of movement and as a meaningful part of our body. We will taste the concept „voltage and time“ as a part of an acting or dancing action and we will throw ourselves to work with the text in the movement. Our creation can be inspired for actors, looking for new movement possibilities, for dancers looking for expression, and for all those, who wants to know more about themselves.“ (Zuzana Burianová)

Workshop of Peter Šavel and Kamil Mihalov is inspired by the creative process used in their musical-movement project Shifts. Current creative progress, „from the meaning to the movement“, is turned upside down, according to searching for the new ways of stage creativity. „We will be interested in the movement material free from necessity of carrying a certain meaning. We will play with this material in terms of its musicality, functionality and architectonicality rather than with its psychology. We will learn how to recognize the meaning of movement material. We will be interested in the most largest scale of performativity - from everydayness to exaggerating.

Artists also give the insight to the creation of dramaturgy for musical-physical performance: „We will give up on reasoning and linear dramaturgy - realism. We will play with dramaturgy on the lines of musicality, dynamic, constructive mechanical logic - surrealism. We will look on what does development mean within this kind of nonlinear structure. How to create the main theme, so it would be readable, but at the same time we try not to close our imagination flow and chain of the most surprisingly options.

Workshop is open for all professionals - dancers, actors and musicians, who are interested in the move, as well as for non-professionals, who are interested in the work with body and creative process and want to enhance their experience in this field.

Fee: 50,00 € / 40,00 € (adults / students)
Deadline for applications: 15. 7. 2013
Maximum number of participants: 18
In the price of the workshop there is included a permanent ticket for all the performances in festival KioSK 2013.

Registration for the workshop is stopped because of capacity filled! Thanks for understanding. We’ll keep you updated in a case of additional free capacity.

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