KioSK 2013
new Slovak theater and dance festival
Thursday - Sunday, 25. – 28. 7. 2013

KioSK 2013The sixth edition of theater and dance festival, which is connecting intensive art with non-formal summer atmosphere, is bringing the newest and the latest from Slovak independent theater and dance, from artists performing in Slovakia and abroad. The topic of this year festival is „No dramaturgy, no responsibility?“ and opens the issue of dramaturgy in the contemporary independent theater and dance.

Beside of the main program, the part of the festival are also workshops with professional lecturers, film projections, morning discussions and lectures with experts, Small fair, party and nontraditional award „Pouchin (Počin)“ for the most interesting work with lights on KioSK festival.

Detailed information you can find on

Permanent ticket in pre-sale: 17,00 / 13,00 € (adults / students)
Permanent ticket on the place: 20,00 / 15,00 €
Entry for a single performance: 5,00 / 3,00 €
Reservations: , 0948 344 606

Tickets for the specific performances will be sold on the place just in the case of free capacity.
In the price of permanent ticket there is included camping in the fenced area in park of Stanica, with showers and toilets.


25. 7., Thursday

16.00, public presentation of the workshop, Považská galéria umenia (Museum of Art Žilina)
Video Mapping

18.00, music – movement performance, studio of Mestske divadlo Žilina (City Theater Žilina)
Peter Šavel, Kamil Mihalov: Shifts

+ Inhabiting the Space, Vol. 3

20.00, theater performance
Dušan Vicen and col. SkRAT: Proces procesu procesom (Pôjdeš do basy? Hajzel!) (Process process process (Are you going to jail? Asshole!))

26. 7., Friday

10.00 Morning forum

13.00, discussion seminar about dramaturgy
No dramaturgy, no responsibility?

16.00, projection
Petra Tejnorová: Kniha o plánu (Book about a plan) (Čr, 2013, 32 min)

17.00, documentary theater / performance
Petra Tejnorová a kol.: Edge

19.00, physical performance, studio of Mestské divadlo v Žiline (City Theater Žilina)
Jaro Viňarský a kol.: Animalinside

21.00, performance
Divadlo D´ EPOG: 121

22.00, party
Seven Minutes dj

27. 7., Saturday

10.00 Morning forum

10.00 Small market

10.00 and 11.30, interactive performance for toddlers
Bábkové divadlo na Rázcestí: AKVAbatoláRIUM

13.00, discussion seminar about dramaturgy
No dramaturgy, no responsibility?

16.00 and 20.00, visual theater
Divadlo Non.Garde: Rôzne kapitoly tej istej knihy (Different chapters of that same book)

16.00, presentation of visual artist
Luca Pulvirenti / Research of surfaces

18.00, movement – visual performance, štúdio Mestského divadla v Žiline (studio of City Theater Žilina)
Sláva Daubnerová: Untitled

21.00, contemporary opera
Marek Piaček a kol.: Kráľ duchov, Štós (Erl king, Štós)

22.30, concert
Brass band Štós and Male choir Štós

23.30, awards
Price for lightning design „Počin” [„Poučn”]

00.00, party
Kontaktní kočky (Cz)

28. 7., Sunday

10.00 Morning forum

13.00, Sunday festival lunch for adults and children visitors of KioSK
Theater feast

14.00, dance – theater performance for children
Taneční studio Light: Hodně malá čarodejnice (Small Little Witch)

15.00, creative workshop for children
Taneční studio Light: When we can do magic

Program can be changed. The final version you will find in the festival bulletin and on a webpage

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