Jožkalipnikjebožíčlověkaneumílhát! No. 12
theatre sitcom
Friday 18. May 2012, 7pm

Jožkalipnikjebožíčlověkaneumílhát!Twelfth part of endless theatre sitcom, which was first time succesfully introduced at last years´ Žilina literature festival. An original staged scenic reading full of dark grotesque dialogues on various topics between young poet-beginner Jožka Lipnik and his spiritual leader, famous writer Hermann Schlechtfreund.

Mr. Walter is an old and wise census commissioner. During his life, he counted millions of households, wives, husbands, kids and poodles and he loves them all equally. Young Erik is Walters´ young and ambitious colleague, who behind all those kids and poodles sees only numbers. Their amusing and touching life etudes are being enjoyed by viewers on TV screens from all around United Eurasia in one of the most lengthy, most expensive, and most idiotic TV series of all times.

And what do Jožka Lipnik and Hermann Schlechtfreund have to do with it? You´ll get to know in the 12th theatre series installment of entertaining table comedies Jožkalipnikjebožíčlověkaneumílhát. Individual pieces do not follow, neither refer on to each other, so the viewers may see them in random order, without previously knowing the two characters.

Starring: Eduard Jenický and Václav Rašilov
Written by: Džian Baban, Vojtěch Mašek

Admission: 5,00 / 3,00 € (adults / students) - ticket valid as passes on evening party Restart #2
Ticket reservation:, 041 - 56 23 564

You can find photos on our flickr account HERE.

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