The last 500 € needed to complete the piano collection

daniela_varinska_za_bielym_klaviromDuring the last week we got exactly 175 € from our audience to the collection for our new grand piano and in total we have since February 2011 got more than 3.200 €. The last 500 € is missing to complete this project. Hopefully we can do it until summer 2012, thanks to you. Do you think it is realistic? To know more about our piano collection, click here >

And of course, see the program of concert, especially the piano recitals - we have already had František Pergler and Daniela Varínska, still up to come are: June 13 - Miki Skuta, October 10 - Ivan Šiller a December 12 - Kamil Mihalov. You are welcome and see our new white piano in good hands.

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