Photo: Silent night

Tichá noc

Stanica was honoured to host 4 piano players spending 1 day (or 24 hours {or 86 400 seconds}) behind white grand piano which we have thanks to all of you who donated in the collection. Ivan Šiller, Fero Király, Zuzana Biščáková and Kamil Mihalov played from Saturday 6pm until Sunday 6pm Erik Satie’s piece Vexations nonstop, all together 840 times. Every hour (besides the night), members of Transmusic Comp. (Milan Adamčiak, Peter Machajdík, Michal Murin, Zbyněk Prokop) stepped in with their performance which sometimes literally woke up the visitors who had possibility to sleep in the concert hall during this special night.

This was the end of 2011 musical program at Stanica. We are glad you stay with us also in following year. Enjoy the photo report.

photo: dusand, natália zajačiková, wanda kaprálová

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  1. milo bolo milo veru :-* dík

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