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  • Tim Holehouse (Uk)
    Monday 16. 9. 2013, 8pm

    English blues-folk musician Tim Holehouse has played in Žilina quite regularly. „I travel and play, damn! My music has roots in delta blues and is adapted by myself. I live by my own rules which can be described by words of my friend from Winnipeg. Creativity, adventure and people.” Tim’s goal is to play and [...]

  • Beforefestanča photomix

  • TCH (Uk)
    Wednesday 20. June 2012, 9pm

    TCH (Timothy C Holehouse) is an alter ego of blues-folk artist Tim Holehouse who successfully performed at Stanica in October 2011. TCH is more an experimental project of his, which extends from sound collages to ambient guitar compositions. In the mid-2008, Tim realized that the two approaches of his composing are way to different, so [...]

  • Photomix: physical theatre, blues concert, discussion

    A week full of 90’s has begun. Its first event was a discussion about economic situation of Slovakia between 1993 and 1998 with Martin Barto, then vicepresident of National Bank of Slovakia.
    “Easier” event was tavern-blues concert of Tim Holehouse at our cosy full bar and before again more challenging physical theatre Jadec N’aren in S2.

    photo: [...]

  • Tim Holehouse (Uk)
    Sunday, October 30, 2011, 8pm

    Stanica’s got bluesy. First concert in reconstructed bar will play english blues musician Tim Holehouse.
    „I travel I play music for music’s sake. It has its roots in the delta blues with my own personal twist on it. I live by my rules and those rules are best summed up by something a friend of mine [...]

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