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  • Tea at 5
    thematical afternoon
    Saturday, November 26, 2011, 3pm - 6pm

    The Šrámek sisters invite to have a nice cup of november tea and a little chat. Sister Docent Ščepánová from Charles University, expert at historical anthropology of a woman will have a speech about symbolism in cooking, cooking schools in 19. Century, culinary arts, even about the thin line between simple cooking, and magic. This [...]

  • The competition for the best “needlework title”

    Do you have a good idea for a sentence at a contemporary (this summer finished :-) needlework? We are waiting for them! The best idea author will win an original needlework made by Šramkove sisters.
    Comment here or write to ivana@stanica.sk, hanka@stanica.sk

  • Urban Legends
    Presentation, concert, scenic reading
    Friday, January 14, 2011, 7pm

    Are there, nowadays, such stories which fascinate us all? Stories which we all can remember and share? Is there something like “the 20th Century folklore”?
    Do you remember the Black ambulance, which travels round the city kidnapping children? This one and other stories, gossips, rumours, and speculations prove that legends and other traditional genres do not [...]

  • Stanica cooked for Šrámkové sisters

    After successful cooking mini-tour of Šrámkové sisters from Kiosk until Fest Anča, the time has come for tasty vendetta. Male part of Stanica family took over the dishes, dippers and other kitchen tools. With the assistance of children department chief, Varga brothers cooked in the oven for ceramics - all that left in our provisory [...]

  • Construction of camping facilities for summer festival

    Photos from construction of camping facilities near Stanica for the Fest Anča, international animation film festival that started on Friday July 30. Until late night the audience could watch special performance of the Stanica team - with wood, metal, beer crates, electric and manual tools, creating showers, garden tables, kitchen, … see more in the [...]

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