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  • Felting Workshop
    Sunday 7. 4. 2013, 2pm – 6pm

    SMany people, especially nomadic folks, used felting as the main type of textile productions, with the help of which created a lot of convenient and necessary things: the yurt, a variety of rugs, bags, clothes, shoes and many other household items, which served for a person throughout life.
    The tppic of the next workshop [...]

  • Felting Workshop
    Saturday 16. 2. 2013, 1pm – 5pm

    Learn how to create from ordinary wool nice and usefel things. We start new course of workshops Felting - technique of producing from spun wool clothing, shoes, accessories, toys, paintings and other things.
    Feltinge is the oldest textile manufacturing technique in the world. Ancient people started felt of wool of wild animals. And only then [...]

  • PHOTO/VIDEO: Little things on wool

    Wool, soap, warm water and a pair of hands. Add bit of imagination, mix everything up and - felt! That was happening, only with many pairs of hands, yesterday in Stanica workshop. For those who missed it, watch the photos and video.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [...]

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