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  • Take with you someone who has never been here… and win, all-year-pass of course

    If you take a new person who has never been to Stanica to an event in December 2011 or January 2012, we will offer him a free ticket and you can win the year-pass for all the events in 2011. Help us to grow our audience and help yourself to have your friends among them.

  • Write us what do you think and want …and win the Year Pass 2011.

    Tell us what has changed in Stanica to the better and as for the worse. What you see and like, what you would like to see. What do you like, what you makes you angry here. Why do you really come here as well as do you not come more often. Even though we do [...]

  • SMS notification of the events on your mobile phone?

    Would you like to get a short SMS message notification about the event in Stanica the same day on your mobile phone? We are researching if this kind of small service would be welcome by our audience, so let us know and send your mobile phone number directly to email info@stanica.sk. From the reaction [...]

  • Finished S2 premiered at KioSK festival

    Not only great performances, also the finished S2 will have premiere at KioSK festival this weekend. Last week we worked hard and constructed also the final auditorium - stages for the audience to sit - see the photoreport from the works. Thanks to good plans of Štefan Takáč, we managed to build everything by our [...]

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