Tag: ‘design’

  • Pecha Kucha Night Žilina – Volume 11
    Friday 23. 4. 2010, 20.20

    Popular format – 20 pictures x 20 seconds for architects, designers, artists, and other creative people. This time, see artists Dorota Sadovská, Palo Čejka, Martin Krkošek and Tomáš Rafa, architects Boris Hochel and Ivan Jarina, light designer Paul Ehlert from Finnish company Valoa Design, graphic designers Janka Bellanová and Ondrej Gavalda, creator of film animations [...]

  • Kupé 5 - international conference of graphic designers
    Friday - Saturday 27. - 28. 11. 2009

    Central European Graphic Design Conference (Stanica_FLUX)
    An internationl conference of (not only) graphic fe/male designers. This year’s topic is competetiveness. Competition in the field of visual communication, interlinked with market, is taking place on different levels. Practically, it is a tool of a client; a tool for selecting the best of proposed solutions. From the graphic designer’s point of [...]

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