Garbage music
children workshop
Saturday - Sunday, 15. - 16. September 2012, from 2pm

Hudba z odpaduTwo-day childrens´ workshop, relized by spanish-slovak duo Martina Bobríková and Oscar de Carmen (Made from Waste), will take us on journey of past, when energy was gained from food. This fragile way of harvesting energy from natural sources will be joint by making sounds out of this energy. An ancient legend, about grass laughing and crying, will became reality in front of our eyes. Electric signal, made by food, is possible to transform to amazing sound sceneries.

This workshop is focusing on manufacturing simple music instruments, which gather energy from fruits and vegetables and transform it to a sound, which we will further work with, and compose it to nice, catchy sounds, as well as unpleasant ones.


Saturday - preparation of batteries with help of various kinds of food and drinks, with various powers and flux.
Sunday - constructing various sounds.

What to bring:

Food and drinks. Old potatoes and other kinds of old fruits and vegetables, according to your taste and choice. Sour drinks, coca-cola, wine, beer. Cheese is also a good electricity conductor. The best would be to use old food, and not to waste new.

We would be glad, if you´d bring little mechanic toys, damaged as well. We welcome in general any kind of small-sized electro and mechanic waste (radios, toys, mobile phones…). Everything else is provided by us.

Workshop is dedicated for children from 6 to 11. There is no need for previous experiences nor knowledge of such things for your child to attend.

Info:, 0908 938 339
Participation fee: 2,00 € / day

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